Planning Your Recruitment Marketing To Increase Profits

[Please excuse any typing errors this is a direct transcription.] This is Sharon Newey, from Superfast Recruitment. Today, it is snowing and cold. It is reminding me of the last few weeks when we have been engrossed in the winter Olympics and now para winter Olympics. I saw an interview with our gold medalist, Lizzy Yarnold. That made me think about today’s video. Because today I want to talk about that word that begins with P, and it might be a, “Is she going to talk about planning?” However, I am. Because it is crucial, and it is the reason why Lizzy Yarnold won that gold medal on the skeleton.  

3 Reasons Why Planning Is Pivotal To Success

Let’s get talking then about planning and three reasons why I believe planning is absolutely fundamental to success for you, in the same way, that it was for Lizzy Yarnold. Now, the important thing for me about having a marketing plan is, the marketing plan needs to be tied closely to the overall business plan. For example, let’s say you are a business, and you are working in an established market. Your marketing plan needs to look at how you get a bigger portion of that market. The activities that you put into that plan will lead you down the right path to predictable growth. Separately though, what if you were working in a vertical that is beginning to decline or flatten out, and you realise that before it drops too much, you need to reposition yourself for a different part of that market? If that is you, the marketing plan will be somewhat different, and the activities could be different that you decide to invest in, compared to a pure growth strategy in an established market. It is fundamental that you know exactly what you want to achieve with your business, and that your marketing plan fits perfectly with that.  

The R.O.I. Question

The other reason is, so often people will say, “But we are not getting the ROI that we want from our marketing.” As I get into what are they doing and some of the reasons behind that, one of the critical things is that they are implementing various strategies. Great on the one hand. The downside is that those strategies are not joined up and connected together. We know that the compound effect is much more powerful, and you will get a higher ROI from anything that is compound in value. Make sure that whatever marketing activities you are implementing, they come from a plan.  

What Next?

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