Marketing Lessons From Andy Murray


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This is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. I am so excited this week because I’m a big sports fan and I love tennis; always have. I thought it was fantastic this weekend when Andy Murray became the first British man to achieve that number one ranking in male tennis for the first time since rankings began in 1973.

Some people might say that, “Well, he only achieved it this weekend because his opponent pulled out of the game on Saturday.” That is untrue because his success in achieving that number one status has been achieved in an era of tennis when there’s been amazing high calibre players like Federer, Djokovic and Nadal around.

It has been achieved because of a huge amount of work that’s gone into improving his game year after year. One thing I always admire about Murray is that in his post-match interviews when he’s lost a Grand Slam final that his message has been consistent.

It’s always been about identifying the part of his game that he can improve on so that he can come back next year stronger than ever.

What can we as business owners learn from his success and how can we implement some of those learnings in our business today?

From a recruitment marketing point of view, often when I’m talking to business owners about their marketing and about what they’ve done, stopped or haven’t even started; there is a consistent message.


Planting Seeds


In today’s world, I realise that we want results now and yet, marketing is about creating demand for your service in the short medium and long term.

What happens when things don’t work immediately is often because companies haven’t invested in certain marketing strategies for long enough and they quit too soon because they’ve wanted that fast instant result.

Spoiler alert: Marketing isn’t like that. If you want to learn from those Murray lessons

A classic example is a company who started and email campaign and then stopped.

Rather than stopping, it’s about being persistent, being consistent and looking at, “Well, how do we improve our emails?

Is it the subject headings that aren’t getting our open rates higher? Is it the content? You know, are we spending too much time talking about us as a company and not enough time talking about our clients or our candidates?”

Look at what you can improve. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about email marketing or whether it’s about looking at how do you get your white papers working more effectively for you or about your social media.


Think about improvement, improvement, improvement because if you can make small tiny changes to your marketing and different marketing strategies, those changes, the cumulative compound effect of those can be the difference between you not dominating and not dominating your sector, whether that is an industry sector or a geographic sector.

Take a leaf out of Andy Murray’s book be persistent, be consistent and look at improvements. I’m just going to enjoy this week and enjoy the time that he’s at number one. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Best wishes



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