Lead Generation Through Events-Does It Still Work?

Lead generation needs to be the centre of any business when it comes to their marketing strategy.

Unless you create demand for your recruiting service you ain’t going anywhere.

There are multiple ways to do this including content marketing and there are plenty of other ways too….

The Best Conversion Mechanism

It’s our experience that recruiters (the good ones) aren’t shy and that having a presence in the market is what they want. The truth is if people don’t know you exist it’s hard to buy from you.

It’s a recognised fact that the ideal conversion mechanism is a face to face meeting, followed by a video call, telephone, email and SMS text.

Logical isn’t it?

Therefore, ways to get your brand in front of your ideal customer be that clients or candidates, predictably ‘should’ give you a great return? Drum roll enter the power of events…

Take to The Stage My Friend…

I know you might think we are the ‘online marketing’ girls and we are…… however, we are about connection and what works.

Over the last few months, several our Superfast Circle members have been planning various events.

From trade shows to running an event tailored to the year of the woman… I won’t give it away as it’s a genius idea.

One of our clients in Sydney is now on a speaking circuit, and another is running leadership lunches with a respected trainer to C-Suite execs in the fiancé sector.

So, will it work?

Undoubtedly because all of these individuals have a process in place.

  • They have an outcome
  • They know their buying cycle
  • They know their buying persona in detail
  • They have their core messages
  • They are following the P.D.F action formula

Action Produces Results

We have talked about the buying cycle before, and this strategy is a fantastic way to leave an imprint in the market.

Back in the day both Sharon and I worked in the Pharma industry. These guys were amazing at events. The P.D.F. action formula was used extensively.

I remember attending the A.P.A. in both Philadelphia and San Francisco and various other events and symposia across the globe. The process produced results and made our organisation stand out above the crowd.

What Next?

We cover multiple strategies that are working now with our staffing and recruitment clients for our members in Superfast Circle. Want to know more than jump on a call you can book it here.

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