How To Use Remarketing To Build Your Recruitment Brand


Today I want to talk about branding your recruitment organisation through a technique called re-marketing also known as re-targeting.

The reason I wanted to mention it today is that literally 10 days ago LinkedIn, added re-targeting as an option to their advertising platform.


What is re-targeting?

So let me explain what re-targeting is. Re-targeting is where you might visit somebody’s website, and then their adverts follow you around the web.

I am going on holiday with my sister and niece, probably by the time you watch this video, and I needed a new swimsuit. I went online to buy one, and I got distracted, and the next thing I knew crikey I’d forgotten to get it.

Luckily, I was stalked by the company in question in a positive way, and so I could actually go back and click where I was and everything else, fantastic really.

So imagine the power that this could have for you and your recruitment organisation because of the beauty of re-marketing, re-targeting, it means the same thing, is that you can now actually do something else in addition called utilising a custom audience.

What you could do is get your entire database, your email database, and you could upload that into LinkedIn, create your advert and display it to these people. How good is that? Because we all know on our email list, if you get a 20-30% open rate, you’re doing really well.

Now imagine if you could have your brand in front of your target customer on a consistent basis.

This is powerful, consistent branding for you and your message. I’m not going to go into the techniques of how to do it. There are good instructions if you go onto Facebook, they tell you how to do it, and also onto LinkedIn too.

It’s literally a five-minute task for your web developer to do. Fundamentally, all it involves is getting a little snippet of code, putting it on your web page, and then that fires when people visit your page. It works on the cookie principle. Therefore you can show your ad to that individual.

Up to now, recruitment organisations have not utilised this marketing method or appreciated what it would do for their business.

Both Sharon and I are looking at recruitment websites every day. I literally have been re-targeted once in the last four years. Yes, only once. So think about the opportunity and the possibility available for you.

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This is Denise saying bye for now.

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