How to Market Your Recruitment Company on LinkedIn

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How to market your recruitment company on LinkedIn is a question every staffing organisation should be asking. It’s the biggest business social network in the western world and a rich source of opportunities to market, brand and attracts qualified leads to your recruitment organisation.

The question is have you been you using it in this way; or is it just a search tool?

When we first speak to potential new clients or members who join our Superfast Circle, a common theme centers around LinkedIn and how they are or are not using it to generate leads.
In this post, I want to share a number of simple ways to start marketing your recruitment organisation so that you stand out from the crowd.

Your Profile Is Failing You

I wish I could say they every recruitment consultant or director has a stellar profile…. they don’t. The big issue is that their profile doesn’t, as a first step demonstrate how they or their organisation can help the clients and candidates they serve.

Here is the thing before someone engages with you they want to know that you ‘get’ what their issues are.
In today’s Millennial, driven world people first want to experience a connection, in other words, you understand their problem before they take it further. Check out mine or Sharon profile to see what I mean.

Allocate 15 Mins A Day to Marketing on LinkedIn

No not quarter of an hour looking at candidate profiles but, marketing your organisation and being visible to potential candidates and clients.
It’s about developing a consistent approach that becomes a habit. I’ll cover what to do in a minute. This is about being active rather than surfing around reading the odd post and looking at memes that people are sharing. Marketing on LinkedIn needs to be implemented with a purpose.

Accept Invitations and Check Who Is Looking at You

Though I know many of you might be surprised that I mention this. This is about developing good habits. It’s all too easy not to bother or wait till you are less busy to accept requests or check out who is looking at you.
A successful recruiter might have tons of connection requests. Be open to who they might lead you to. The more you can get your message out the better. The more active you are the more people will view your profile. It could be for different reasons. It’s a great opportunity to connect with them. I know this is all logical ‘stuff’ and are your consultants doing this daily? I suspect not.

Post and Share Content

If you are connected to Sharon or me you will notice we share links to content. The majority of these are to value add blog posts on our website; you are reading one now. While you are here we encourage you to sign up for our reports and webinars. You might take a look at our content services or our VIP consultancy.

For you, people could look at your job board or download the latest salary survey; this is a huge opportunity to grab a targeted lead.

Use LinkedIn Like Facebook To Get Noticed

If you like or share content on Facebook the individual in question will be notified. It’s the same on LinkedIn.
Let’s say you start to share and like potential client’s posts and content. Suddenly you and your brand are on their radar…. are you seeing the power of this?
What if you have a list of 100 clients you want to work with? You could create a plan to comment like and share their content. This will start to change the whole game for you.

Get Your Consultants to Promote Your Brand

Here is the thing; what if your consultants were targeted to share and like your content to? Suddenly you reach is expanded exponentially.
Let’s play with a few figures. If you have a 1000 connection and you share content down your channel, in theory, 1000 people might see it. What if each of your 10 consultants hit like or share down their feed? Suddenly your reach is 1000 x 10……. I’ll let you work that one out.

What next?

We have a full module on how to take your LinkedIn marketing to a whole new level with additional strategies you can utilise. It is part of our Superfast Circle Programme. If you would like to know more get in touch.

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