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One big question we are often asked is; “How do we generate more leads, how do we get more candidates more clients and more talent to our website and to our recruitment company in general?”


“How does inbound marketing relate to this?”


That is the subject of today’s podcast because unfortunately a lot of people still get inbound marketing wrong, even though it has been around for a long time. There are 4 key themes that I want to talk about today when it comes to inbound marketing there are few things that people get wrong when it comes to generating leads from an inbound perspective.



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So inbound marketing – why the big thing about it? Well, statistically leads that always come to us have probably gone a little further down the buying cycle and are more likely to have an interest. That is the whole promise of inbound marketing. One of the things that people get wrong is they don’t think about the content that they are creating needs to have a marketing bias and also helps to qualify customers that come to them. That’s the thing that people often forget about.


It is okay filling your website with content or sending out marketing emails but they’ve got top relate to your target candidates and clients and for some of you talent as well. This is where people often get it wrong so let’s just think about the 4 key themes that you need to consider when it comes to inbound marketing.


Creating Content


This content needs to be targeted to your potential candidates, clients and talent and it needs to be able to answer their basic questions and needs. If you are not doing that then people aren’t going to keep on coming back. They are not going to see you as an authority in your particular recruitment sector.


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It’s got to be related to the hopes, dreams and fears of your particular market. People often get this wrong. Go and have a look at some of our blog posts on avatars and being able to identify in detail your avatars and what is important to them because that is vital.


Lifecycle Marketing


If you want to convert these people that come along to you cold, we talked about the buyer’s cycle before, then they are starting off as strangers so you need to warm them up with your content. You need to be able to deliver content that is important and valuable to them.



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For instance, we want to attract recruitment business owners so we provide a lot of content that helps them think about their marketing, gets their marketing in place, and warms them up to have a conversation with us. They might want to engage our services, we can coach them or we can train them and their team.


It’s thinking about where people are in their lifecycle purchase with you. People will often find out about you many months before they engage your services. It is thinking about – What is the lifecycle of this inbound channel that I am creating how many contact points will there be before this potential client or candidate decides to work with us.




Are you sending out targeted messages? As a recruitment company you will want to attract candidates, clients and talent. All of these 3 ‘people’ have different wants and needs. You need to make sure that your content is related to what specifically they need.



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It’s the same when it comes to your email marketing as well because that is your inbound channel. It’s thinking about having a list for your candidates, clients and people who you want to work with and communicating with each of them differently.




You might be listening to this on iTunes or you may be on our Super Fast Recruitment website. You may have seen this shared on LinkedIn or you may have gone to Facebook or Twitter. These are different channels where our market hangs out. So where does you market hang out?


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Have you got a Facebook page? Are you sharing your content on Facebook? Are you putting it on your LinkedIn pulse profile? Are you tweeting it out? Are you sending it out on emails? You need to maximize the opportunities to have contact with your ideal customers, clients and candidates. You will only do this by leveraging every single marketing channel out there. This is what is called multichannel marketing.


These are just 4 simple areas. Do not underestimate the power of these particular areas and getting it right. You need to be creating content that people want. You need to think about the lifecycle where these guys and girls are when it comes to engaging your services. You need to make it targeted. You need to think about what channels you are using to distribute my content.


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