How to Attract Clients, Candidates and Talent to
Build a 7 Figure Recruitment Business

Recruitment marketing that gives you brand recognition,
inbound leads and increased gross profit

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6 Reasons Why Recruitment Companies Don’t Generate Inbound Leads Report


  • “As a result of the marketing consultancy we had with Sharon and Denise and the email marketing campaign they created, we secured a new client worth £30k. We have now been asked to present a proposal for 2 further projects; this work will generate a further £60k plus.”
    Sue Coyne
  • “Sharon and Denise have helped me in all aspects of my marketing and on line visibility in the last few years. I would say their input has put in excess of 6 figures on my business.”
    Nicky Coffin
  • “Superfast Recruitment has been a breath of fresh air and a delight to have on-board as our marketing supplier. Denise and Sharon have a huge depth of knowledge and expertise in this arena and as such, they were able to guide us with the production of a successful email campaign. Also, unlike other marketing businesses, they have provided a personal touch to their service too which has added additional value to what they have delivered for us. Highly recommended - we will be using Denise and Sharon again!”
  • “Denise was a leading member of the marketing and sales team that launched a new brand into a totally new market for us. Her insight, creative ideas and energy created a hugely successful launch. This brand now turns over £60 million in the UK in just a few short years.”
    Sharron Driver
  • “After marketing coaching with Sharon and Denise I sent out an email to 600 clients. Remarkably 76% opened it. We have never had such an open rate before. In addition we’ve had 12% of clients sign up to our email newsletter and even 1 client requested a workshop as a direct result of the mailer. ”
    Rachel Burton

Marketing For High Growth Recruitment Companies


As a recruitment organisation your growth and profit will be a reflection of your brand recognition in the market and your ability to implement a marketing strategy that provides a consistent supply of high quality; clients, candidates and talent. Marketing your recruitment organisation effectively will make you the authority player in your sector. This is where we can help.

At Super Fast Recruitment we provide; marketing services and training specifically for recruitment organisations.

What we deliver is designed to:

  • Increase the number of visitors to your online presence
  • Create engagement with candidates, clients and prospective new talent
  • Increase the number of warm leads flowing into your business
  • Brands you as an authority in your recruitment sector

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