How Marketing Funnels Work in Recruitment

Episode #184: How Marketing Funnels Work In Recruitment

Marketing funnels are fast becoming the holy grail of marketing for service-based businesses like recruitment.


Fact: Not everyone is ready to buy straight away.

Many of us want more information and to confirm to ourselves that we are ‘working’ with the ‘right’ person. So how do we encourage a candidate or client to choose us rather than our competitor down the road; enter the ‘marketing funnel’.

The good news is marketing funnels work incredibly well when it comes to attracting candidates and clients..

In this week’s podcast we share the basic principle for you.

What you will discover
  • What exactly is a marketing funnel and how it works in recruitment
  • The 3-5% buyer principle you need to understand
  • Why automation can put your marketing on steroids while you sleep
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Today I want to talk briefly about marketing funnels.


What are they? How do they work and why bother? If you are reading this, remember it’s a direct transcription from the podcast, so apologies if any rogue typos appear!

Let me start by talking about the buying cycle first.

Now at any one time between 3-7% of people are ready to buy now. That means there’s a candidate out there looking for the kind of jobs that you’ve got on your website today and there are clients out there who are waiting for a phone call, who need help to find someone to fill vacancy right now.

However, it’s a small percentage: As I said, between 3-7%, which means there’s a massive 93% of people who are not ready to act now.

The Principle of a Funnel

Now, this is where marketing funnels and the principle of nurture marketing is essential because what we want to do is attract candidates and clients into our marketing funnel by getting their attention and then as they make their buying decision we are supplying information in a way that helps them come to an informed decision.

This might be through a free report, an email, a text message and of course, a phone call. Here is how it might work.

So, let’s say that you are sharing updates on social media and you’re sharing and distributing the great blog posts that you’re creating. Perhaps you’re sharing some good leading industry content. This then attracts the attention of perspective clients and candidates.

Then you’re offering them a free report that they can download once they’ve come to your website and they’ve read that blog post in more detail. So, they opt in.

They share their contact details with you, and then they’re into potentially an automated sequence. I say potentially, because one of the mistakes that many companies make is they don’t have an automated series of emails behind a report that they’re asking someone to download. Now that’s a real missed opportunity.

The Power of Automation

So in this automated sequence, you would have a series of emails that nurture that individual and takes them on a journey so that when that person, be it a client or a candidate, is ready to take action, then you are front of mind; you are the one that’s been nurturing a relationship, that’s been adding value through sharing some great content.

You are the person that’s front of mind, who that individual will contact when they are ready to place, or you’ll find a candidate, or they are ready to look for that next step in their career. 

So, a marketing funnel is a sequence of marketing activities and a blend of activities often that takes a person on a journey from being almost unaware of your business through that journey to being aware of you to thinking, “Hey, these sound like recruiters who know what they are doing.

Perhaps they are people that I want to represent me or represent my business. And I’m ready to take action. Do I go with this person or do I go with that person?” And based on the kind of content that I’m seeing, we’re going to be educating that individual to decide it is this company that’s been in touch quite a lot recently, and they’ve stayed in touch with me.

Also, I’m going to pick up that phone. I’m going to drop my email. I’m going to send them a message through LinkedIn. Now, that is the power of what a marketing funnel can do for you and your recruitment business.

So, if you’re not using them, it’s a missed opportunity. I’d really encourage you to start thinking about how you can put your first marketing funnel together, and if you have got one and it’s starting to work, then why not do more?

If you would like our help to create your marketing funnel get in touch here.

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