6 Benefits of Business Blogging for Recruiters in 2022

Today we are talking about business blogging and why it is relevant for recruiters in 2022, and it will be as we move into next year. I want to explain why, and then I want to share six of the key reasons why business blogging is going to be important for you and your brand.

This is especially relevant for smaller recruitment and staffing companies with up to 20 on your team.

You’re probably absolutely fed up to the back teeth with people talking about the pandemic and the new normal and hybrid working. However, we must remember that it’s something that’s happened to all of us and that has really shifted how we approach life and business.

It’s important to remember that if you want to engage with both your candidates, clients, and potentially future talent from now on, you have to have an online presence. Whether you like it or not.

If you have a business challenge, the first thing people tend to do is to jump online and ‘Google’ the problem. People are always scared to talk to friends or family about a business difficulty because it shows vulnerability.

That is why as a service provider, having an online presence is important because if people come across your company, they’re going to go to your website. If you can answer their questions automatically, you’ll get one tick.

Networking and offline networking tend to work, and you may have some good friends in the recruitment industry that will give you referrals. However, what happens when someone refers somebody to you? What’s the first thing you go and do? You go to their website.

It’s human nature to form an opinion on first impressions. If a website is missing content, candidates and clients will ask themselves;

  • Do they have any idea about the market?
  • Can they help me?
  • Could they help me develop my career?
  • Do they have access to people?
  • Have they got a candidate database that I can tap into?

Be aware that someone who has received a referral will be visiting your website. That is one of the great things about having blog content. People will come to your website and see consistent blogging and content with multiple benefits for relatively little cost.

OptinMonster studied some data that confirms businesses that use blogging are 13 times more likely to experience positive ROI from their marketing.

This blog will delve into six other things you need to consider as we dive into the details of why business blogging is particularly important.


1. Google prioritises websites with strong content

When you Google something, 80 %to 90% of the time, you never get past the first page of Google. You can dominate Google by having multiple links to your website, which is ultimately possible.

If you search Superfast Recruitment, you will see that we have multiple links pointing back to our website. That is because, yes, we are marketers, and yes, we know what we’re doing, but fundamentally we have been blogging consistently weekly for years, which has made a massive difference.

One of our clients, who only started working with us early this year, has been consistently adding blogs to her website and now has multiple links on Google because of the content and how she’s elevating her brand.

If you’ve got a website with many pages, answering many questions that people are searching for on Google will help to prioritise your website above others. That means you will have more ways of being found.


2. Blogging Demonstrates Your Authority Within Your Sector

People want to work with companies that have authority within their market. It doesn’t matter what size your organisation is; proving that you’re an expert in your sector will attract your target market.

One of the ways that you can demonstrate your expertise is by having blog posts on your website that discuss relevant topics affecting Candidates and Clients in today’s market.


3. As a Small Business, Blogging Helps You Stand Out

Leading on from the previous point, during the pandemic, there was a shift, and this shift was about working with boutique agencies. This might surprise you, and, as a small / boutique agency, having a website filled with really good content gives you another tick in people’s minds.

People are a lot more connected in recent times and want to support smaller businesses, but you still have to tick some of your audience’s boxes when they’re looking into working with you and releasing regular content will help with that.


4. Blogging is an Inexpensive Tool to Attract an Audience

Blogging will allow you to compete with the big Recruitment companies. People looking for you know that you understand what you’re doing and you can compete with larger companies because content marketing is not expensive. It’s a really affordable way to market you and your organisation compared to other forms of marketing activities. We provide content for our clients, but if you have a bit of a flair for writing, there’s nothing to stop you from writing for your business blog once a week or a couple of times a month.


5. Blogging is the starting point of your marketing

Blogs enable you to demonstrate your expertise in how you can work with clients, how you can work with candidates and how you are an employer of choice for those new recruiters you want to bring on board.

There are so many different ways to use a blog to demonstrate what you do and your service level.

The great thing about blogs is they are a piece of content that can be sliced, diced, and shared on multiple channels and in numerous ways.

We are big advocates of case studies, testimonials and social proof, and a few weeks ago, we used one of our Marketeer case studies. We used the case study as a blog and promotional tool; people have found it, people have liked it, and they have shared it, and it helps them see this piece of content.

If you’ve written a blog that can be sliced and diced into video content, you can put it onto social media, make quotations from it, and maybe even put two or three blogs together to create a report.

Follow this link to learn about leveraging your content; 10 Ways to Leverage Your Business Blog Content.


6. Blogging generates client and candidate leads

As you know, content answers your audience’s questions. As you answer questions, you elevate yourself. Have you ever read something somebody’s posted online and thought, “Do you know what? They seem to know what they’re talking about. They seem like they’re on my wavelength. They can make things simple for me. They can take the headaches away. They can really help me.”

When you create content, that is what you can do. You can answer that question in somebody’s mind while positioning yourself as the best solution.

Every blog you write must have a ‘Call to action’ (CTA). That might be a link to your contact page, other blogs, or simply encouraging the reader to call or email you. Ensure that if you’re offering someone a service or some value-added content that is extremely relevant to them.

Blogging is a simplistic process of showing people that you know what you’re doing, being visible online, and then utilising that to make you stand out as the person they want to work with.

Business blogging in 2022 is elevated in more ways than ever. It’s a way for you to demonstrate your expertise, and it’s a way for you to compete finally with the bigger recruitment companies.


How We Can Help

Blogging really does work to elevate your brand. That is one of the reasons why we produce relevant blog content for our Superfast Circle members each month that they can use.

Book your call and demonstration here if you want a quick chat to see how Superfast Circle can work for you.




P.S. If you want to learn more about how #SFC can help support your marketing speak to us here.

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