5 Important Content Marketing Trends For Recruitment Organisations




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Hi there everyone, this is Denise from Super-Fast Recruitment and today’s subject, it’s an important topic, it’s the trends around content marketing in 2017 that you really do need to be aware of.

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Let me get into this with you because I think this is really, important. For those of you who haven’t yet embraced content marketing now is the time to do it. If you were ever wondering what it can bring to your business it can bring so much!




We now consistently get clients coming back telling us how, because they’ve shared a certain blog post or they’re written some e-mails, that they’ve got candidates and clients engaged , coming back to them and it’s bringing a consistent flow of leads into the business.

Because when it comes to your brand recognition, which savvy recruitment owners want, then blogging, e-mail and social media have the highest recorded brand engagement.

Therefore, embrace content marketing in 2017 if you want to make a big impact in your market because if you don’t your competitor down the road most certainly will.

Remember the buyers cycle?

People go through this and content helps us go through to purchase. Remember we all hop online, when we want the answer to a question. That’s where content is going to serve you well. Let me tell you about five key areas that are important when it comes to content especially as we enter 2017.

1. Multiple Formats

The first one is multiple formats. We all know about Gen Y and Millennials and the new Gen Z, potential employees that are coming up through the ranks. These folks like information to digest in various formats, as do many of us.

Therefore, what does that mean for you? Yes, absolutely you need to have a blog post. You need to have images. You need to embrace video as part of your content mix. And here I am with a podcast which is becoming more popular across … not just our podcast but multiple podcasts across different sectors. It will make a huge difference for you and it’s relatively easy to do. It’s about providing content in multiple formats for your market to consume. The more that they can consume about you and your brand, the better it’s going to be for you.

2. Storytelling

Now the second thing that you will notice we do quite a lot particularly on podcasts, I think the last podcast that I recorded was about electric toothbrushes and that’s about storytelling. Because marketing is all about telling stories. We are wired as human beings to love stories. We engage with them. We make meaning from them. There’s another term I’m going to throw at you here about metaphors, so if you can use different metaphors … you might use a metaphor with your children to help explain a concept or why they might want to do something. Storytelling is important so if you are telling a story in your content people are more engaged.

You know what engaged customers, candidates, clients, talent, they buy and they might buy your recruitment service. Or buy into you as a recruiter which means they want you to represent them rather than someone else. So, it’s about storytelling.

3. Make Your Current Paying Clients and Candidates Feel Special

What else? Well, it’s about your clients and your candidates that are already on your database that you’ve worked with. They are special. They are, no doubt, your primary source of referrals too.

How about creating some special content for them? It can be in various formats. You can have them on a specific e-mail list and you send special content or special videos to them.

In one of our groups, we have an online forum and regularly Sharon and I will record a video in this forum so we can, update the guys in the forum and we do it quickly. It’s content specifically for them.

And you know what? They like it. And why do they like it? Because they’re special and because you’re telling them how important they are by giving them attention.

4. Imperfect Action Wins

Which leads me on to something else. The next key thing is it doesn’t have to be perfect. As I record this there’s a whole raft of Facebook live videos going on now and it’s great. It’s a great medium. It doesn’t need to be perfect because we now can access things like our iPhones, recordings, whatever that might be. Then we can use that to our advantage.

People aren’t expecting perfection but they’re expecting something else-contact with you. So how about recording a quick video, uploading it to your Facebook page? It could be a story about a candidate that’s been in that day that you’ve registered and you’ve could place him or her within 24 hours. How inspiring do you think that might be for a candidate to hear a story like that from you and therefore consider coming to work with you?

5. Give Your Audience Valuable Help In Multiple Areas

The other thing, the final thing, is about giving people what they want and sometimes being general. You’ll notice on our website and on our podcasts, I will cover everything from marketing to productivity to business growth to sales, and I do it in a light way because I have been around a long time  and I’ve worked in many different roles from salesperson to sales and marketing director, which means  that I have got a lot of knowledge in different areas so I share it as it might be of help to someone.




As a recruiter, you will have a huge amount of information and knowledge that your candidates and clients will value if you share it with them; so do it.

It doesn’t always have to be about interview skills. It could be about productivity. It could be about some HR issues. It could be about anything and, as I say, your candidates, clients, and talent that’s searching you out will really appreciate it.

There are other things going on in the content world as well, however, these are five key, easy to action things that you must consider in 2017 if you want your content to work even harder for you.

This is Denise from Super-Fast Recruitment saying bye for now.


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