5 Client and Candidate Questions All Recruitment Companies Must Answer

Episode #181 : 5 Client and Candidate Questions All Recruitment Companies Must Answer

Marketing and sales have changed. The question is has your approach ?

There are more recruitment and staffing companies in the UK than ever, which means your candidates and clients have choice.

This isn’t an issue provided you answer the unconscious questions going on in their head.

Do this and you will always stand out in your market. 

Today we give you the 5 questions to answer and examples of exactly what to do. 


What you will discover
  • The 5 questions candidates and clients need you to answer before they say yes.
  • Why a client want's to feel important.
  • Why the benefits and insights you bring are part of the buying decision.
  • How content will resell your position in the market.
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A mentor of mine has an interesting phrase which he uses to challenge people in our group. It goes along the lines of; what does your customer or client need to know to be true to work with you?

Umm have you ever considered this at all?

It’s a different way of thinking about marketing and sales, and yet it’s these questions which are going round consciously and unconsciously in your clients and candidates heads all the time.

If you are going to persuade that client, they need to work exclusively with you or pay you a retainer fee; you need to be answering these questions.

It’s the same with the outstanding candidate you just found who is already gainfully employed and on the surface happy, and yet you know the job instruction that has just landed on your desk could change their career for the better.

As a student of psychology and motivation, this is a topic I study all the time, so today let me share with you six questions to answer and keep front of mind for your clients.

You can utilise the answers in your marketing material and help your recruiters use the solutions too.

Do I feel Comfortable With You

When it comes to professional services, which is where recruitment and staffing companies operate, relationships are key.

It’s different in the B2C world. Purchasing is more often than not transactional.

Not so with a high-value commodity like people.

As a purchaser of services, we want to feel understood and that we are important to you.  If you have ever had the experience of being at a networking event where someone stops talking to you because someone better has come along, you’ll know what I mean.

As a recruitment consultant, everything you say and do should communicate that you understand your clients and their issues and critically you believe what you are saying; passion and enthusiasm and a confident approach will go a long way.

With all our Superfast clients and Superfastcircle members, we continuously focus on the importance of understanding their clients and candidates. What are their issues? What’s important to them in their career? This information can then be used to demonstrate their expertise.

Many people ask us where content marketing comes in? I am sure the penny is dropping that the content you have on your website and social media is communicating the fact that you understand your clients. Here is the thing this demonstration of knowledge demonstrates at an unconscious level that they are important to you too.

It’s that ‘knowing’ you communicate through the written and spoken word which makes people feel special. 

Do I Trust You?

Communicating you are trustworthy to clients and candidates is the logical next step. Trust can be expressed and communicated in so many different ways.

Are you clear on whom you serve is your value proposition nailed? If I land on your website, do I know I am in the right place?

Saying you provide; recruitment solutions and are the recruitment partner of choice doesn’t mean much anymore.

You appear vague, which puts a question mark in people’s mind. I get it you don’t want to lose the opportunity so ‘try’ to appeal to everybody not realising it has the opposite effect.

People want and expect more; the World Wide Web has made sure of that. People demand specialism. So communicate this to them.

If I am a digital marketing manager and I want my next role in the North West of England I am filtering for this when I look for you.

If I land on your website and you communicate that we provide Senior Digital Talent to organisations across the North of England, I am going to take a deep dive on your website.

The thing about trust is it’s all wrapped up with value too. What value do you provide to your clients and candidates, and how are you communicating this?

Do I Need What You Are Selling?

We both know that organisations need the help of a recruitment company. However, your clients and candidates don’t always appreciate this.

They need more insight, and it’s your job to give it to them.

Be the insight provider! This flips back to the first point in demonstrating your understanding of your client’s issue.

Liz and I were on a call this week with a client, and we were scoping out an email campaign. Part of their process is to visit the client and work with them on their business by telling them something about a problem that was going to happen that they didn’t know existed.

This particular recruitment owner can help their clients pinpoint the issues they have and don’t want. They also have the ability to pinpoint the different results their clients want and currently aren’t getting.

Let me pose something here.

I suspect you have this superpower too don’t you?

The question is, are you communicating this to your clients and candidates.

If you want your clients to succeed, it’s about challenge and insight ahead of making a sale which comes further down the line.


Is This The Most Important Thing For Me Now?

Most business owners are going to have a mindset of either or. I know when it comes to building a team, it shouldn’t be the case, and sometimes it is. This is why it’s so critical to understand your clients and candidates and their motivations.

You have to press that button if you want them to make a decision.

R.O.I. comes into play here too. If I work with you, what will be my return? Is there a strong business case to work with you?

Do I Want To Buy From You?

This should be a logical summary and conclusion to everything else which has gone before. If a client and candidate can see the value you bring and that you are consistently demonstrating you understand them, you get a big tick.


If you are a specialist and a preferred supplier in everything you do and consistently demonstrate the value, you bring the benefits you bring will outweigh the investment.

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