Why Your Content Marketing Needs An Upgrade This Year


Hi, it’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment and I’ve just got off a call with one of our lovely clients in Australia. We were talking about all things content marketing and it made me realise that there’s some important things that I want to share with you.

Content Is Changing

Recently in America, one of the large software companies, Buzzsumo shared the results of their research on content sharing and views; this is based on over three million pieces of content.

What they can see in specific industries is that the amount of sharing and liking of content has really decreased. In some instances, by about 50% their assessment of the situation and the drop was that the market is changing and as there is so much content online people are less likely to share.

Now, in the recruitment space we are really catching up with online marketing and now if you want to get your content to really stand out and dominate your market so that you are the preeminent recruitment business within your sector, there’s some specific things that you can do with your content to fast track that process yourselves.

Create Longer Content Pieces

First thing, it’s no longer going to be acceptable to be creating blog posts of four and 500 words. That might have been how it all started but it’s not where things are in 2018.

Today, you need to have much more robust content of 750 words plus (this is a transcription so it’s slightly different).

This content needs to have links within it that send people to different pages on your website for example but also include quality links, to external sites where there’s good evidence-based research that you’re sharing as part of the context of your post.

Make It Easy To Consume

Make your content easy to digest. Add images that engage and relate and help to communicate the content and messages of your post to readers.

Today many people will read your content on a mobile device. Therefore, space it out use, sub headings. Bunched up text won’t be read; it’s hard for the mind to process and consequently your readers will move somewhere else.

You will notice that with a lot of our content there are multiple ways that you can consume the educational marketing and sales content we share. For instance, this was originally a video that has now been transcribed for your benefit. Plus, we have uploaded it to our podcast channel, the recruitment marketing and sales podcast; you can subscribe by clicking here.

Always Add A Call To Action

Content helps us to inform and add value to our market. That is both candidates and clients. It’s also there to generate leads too!

Therefore, it is vital to build in a call to action in all your content.  Honestly there is no point creating value and then not telling people what the next logical step is. That maybe to download a report you have for brand new visitors to your website. Or to pick up the phone and talk to one of your consultants.

People will be at all stages of their career or recruiting journey so make sure you provide them with options to engage with you and take the next step.

What Next?

Are you ready to take your content marketing to the next level? Would you like our support? We have been writing content (blogs, emails, email campaigns, white papers etc) for the recruitment and staffing centre across the globe for 10 years. We can help you. To find out more email us here.

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