Why Sequencing Your Marketing Will Deliver Results

Episode #178: Why Sequencing Marketing Will Deliver Results

It’s far to easy to fall into spray and pray marketing. Yet even the smallest piece of planning can produce great results.

We explain more in this week’s post.

What you will discover
  • Why starting with the end in mind is a good idea.
  • How strategy will always deliver where you need to focus
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Marketing training and coaching for recruitment companies: Superfast Circle

Today, I want to talk about the spray and pray verse of the sequencing approach to marketing. Now, you might be thinking, what do I mean spray and pray?

The Downside of Spray and Pray

Well, you know, often business owners will say to me, “Sharon, we are doing several different marketing strategies. We’re doing email marketing, we’re doing some paid, we’re doing some content and social media, we’re doing a little bit of PR, and it will go on.

It might even include events and things. It’s not quite delivering what we expected and certainly not what we wanted from an ROI point of view.”

There can be several reasons behind that, and one of them is the random individual strategies are not connected, and they’re not sequenced.

The messaging isn’t taking a prospective new client or new candidate right from the beginning of their journey with you, all the way through to the point where they’re ready to engage and work with you.

How To Get Sequencing Working

A new client who joined Superfast Circle, I met their MD at an APSCo event recently, and they wanted to up-level their website. Start from scratch, completely new design and everything. However, they also wanted to look at their marketing as a whole process so they could make everything work better.

They were aware that some things they did worked and others didn’t, so their goal was to ensure it all came together.

They wanted a strategy to pull everything together first because then, everything would be driven by a plan; smart idea!

When I heard that, it made my heart sing because it was like, “Fantastic.” So often, people will go ahead with lots of gusto and enthusiasm and get a new website put together and then realise there are some elements missing because they’ve not thought through some of the additional marketing strategies that they want to implement.

So the insight to consider today is, take a step back, you know, review your current marketing and how you can connect the dots.

This way you marketing, time and resources will have far more impact.

That’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.



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