What Value Can Marketing Add Across Your Recruitment Business

Episode #185 : What Value Can Marketing Add Across Your Recruitment Business

Where will marketing add most value to my recruitment business ? It was a question I was asked on a recent spotlight interview for Rec Expo this year.

The honest answer is everywhere. I explain more in this weeks podcast.

What you will discover
  • The practical way marketing works
  • How to use marketing at all points of the buyers cycle
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A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of being joined by Katy Green from Centred of Excellence, and being interviewed by Claire Bush as part of the Rec Expo Spotlight series.

One of the audience members asked a great question, which was, “If I’m investing in marketing, where across the business can marketing add most value?”

Before I answer that question, let’s just take a step back and think about what’s the definition of marketing.

The simplest definition is that marketing is about creating demand, and sales is about converting that demand. If you’re not investing in marketing to create the demand for your products and services, then worst-case scenario is that you’re not going to have a business that can thrive and grow.

Now, let’s come back then to where in the business can marketing add most value.

Let’s think about prospecting – whether that’s attracting more candidates, or new clients, nurturing those relationships through to a company placing jobs with you and the candidates filling those jobs. And, of course, you want to retain long term relationships. You want people to come back and work with you time and time again. You want to account manage, and grow accounts with clients.

Marketing adds value along the whole of that journey.

Let me give you just a quick example. About six months ago, we had a client join Superfast Circle. Their goal was to increase the brand awareness in their market with prospects so that they could attract more clients and more candidates. Over recent months, through a variety of activities, building awareness of the business on social media and doing a small amount of content creation and marketing that content out, they are already creating new clients, winning new business and placing candidates.

So that’s right at the beginning of the process.

Now let’s go to the other end of the process. We’ve have content marketing clients who work with us in terms of generating and distributing content, and several clients recently have wanted to do email campaigns targeting existing clients. The purpose of them is to retain business and to build accounts.

So, we have been busy creating email funnels specifically for an active and lapsed client audience. The content in the campaigns is about nurturing relationships and building accounts.

There are other activities that we can do in between, and I wanted to give you an example of the extremes of where marketing can add value.

Finally, think about when you’re expanding and growing your business and you’re wanting to attract employees into your business. Marketing adds value to that as well.


If you’re wondering “If I invest in marketing, am I going to get an ROI?” Yes, you will get an ROI, provided that you are marketing to a specific niche, and that you’re doing a variety of activities to the right audience with the right frequency, the right message, and you engage those people at the right time, you will get an ROI.

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