Whale Versus Minnow Bait: Be Careful What You Use

Something happened today that I thought would be useful to share. It relates to a couple of conversations we’ve had with potential clients and a conversation with a relatively new client of ours in Superfast circle.  

[Excuse any strange typing errors as this is a direct transcription for your benefit.] 

The topic is what bait do you need to use to catch a Whale versus a Minnow. I do love a good fishing analogy, don’t I?  

It is recognised in the fishing world: if you want to attract bigger fish, you need different bait than the bait you use to attract small fish.  

Isn’t it logical, and isn’t it funny how these patterns play out in life across the board?  

So here is something to think about; what level of clients and candidates do you want to attract versus the marketing strategies you are using? 


Does Your Brand Communicate How Good You Are? 

Let me give you two scenarios here that we experienced recently. This morning we were on a call with our Superfast Circle clients.  

One client has a specific niche, and he is using a strategy that works incredibly well that we share in our membership.  

He was telling us about the type of clients that he wanted to attract. Fundamentally, it is the whale type of client, in other words, a bigger SME or corporate client. 

We started to discuss with him all the different things that he could do because the reality is that if you want to attract a bigger client, you need to speak into the needs of that bigger client and come across in a certain way.  

Here is one of my personal experiences that explains it well. 

When I first joined the pharmaceutical industry, I was a bit of a hippie. I know that may seem odd. For those of you that have seen me, I did once have very long hair.  

I got a job in a corporate organisation selling pharmaceuticals. Stuart Kearney was my first ever sales manager; he told me how I needed to clean my shoes and that I needed to dress in a slightly different way on my first day on the job. 

I thought, “Oh well, fair enough.” 

I went out to see consultants and pharmacists in the NHS who were a little bit different back in the day. They were very conservative, so I needed to give myself some form of authority and credibility. At the time, I was a new, inexperienced graduate. I needed to do everything I could to make sure that I stood out to potential clients. 

It is the same when it comes to marketing. Stand out to your client. 

If you want to stand out in the market and be in front of bigger clients, make sure that your marketing materials, marketing collateral, everything you do and say are at a different level because otherwise, you will not make the impact you want. You’re more likely to switch them off.  

Yes, I know we are all connected individuals. We are all human beings on the planet. We are all very green, or we try to be. However, think about the strategies that you use when you are attracting a bigger client. 

Now, our client gets this. He has got some great ideas he can use along with the content we provide. 

Contrast this with an individual Sharon spoke to a couple of weeks ago who also wants to attract whale clients; however, his website is amateur, which he has no desire to change. 

For some reason, he could not see that his brand impression was wrong for the client he wanted to attract.  

He shared several things in the conversation that I will not go into now, which indicated he was out of alignment. 

Certain business owners fascinate me when they want to charge big fees, and yet their business is limping along on free software. 

Yet obviously, we were having a conversation with him. He wanted some advice, and we were giving him advice that he had completely the wrong strategy around attracting the type of client he now wished to attract. 

What about you: Is your strategy aligned with who you want to attract? 


The Holiday Restaurant Scenario 

Think about the needs, desires, and wants of your current avatar.  

Are you speaking into that? Are you communicating value to them all the time that will help them move from one scenario to the next so that they can either move their talent building or their career forward?  

Think about the authority that you are communicating. Think about your personal brand. We have lots of content on the Superfast Recruitment website around personal branding about the content you should be sharing.  

All these things will make a massive difference to the impact that you make with your client. 

It is human nature. 

Have you ever been on holiday and walked past a restaurant because it did not look good enough? 

Yes, me too. 

Maybe clients and candidates are doing this to you too. 

As you plan your approach remember, as a rule, when you are going after that whale client, they will not convert straight away. You need to have a process dialled in; it might take six months to a year to land a big client. 

What are some things that you will map out and plan as you connect with these people and start nurturing them through to conversion? 

A slightly shorter podcast today, but one that is important for you as you plan moving forward. 





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