Three Reasons Why Your Recruitment Business Could Still Fail This Year

Hi, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and todays podcast and post is about the three reasons why your recruitment business could potentially still fail this year.  

So the first one is, not communicating your value. Now, the thing is, lets be clear about what is going on. Youve got a lot of clients in the various markets youre operating in, who are talking about doing their own recruiting.  

That is not great news for you, is it? 

Communicate Your Value  

Now, the thing is that if they are talking about doing their own recruiting, of course, budgets are on so many peoples minds right now.  And yet the key thing is for you to think about is that for your clients to start thinking about doing their own recruiting, part of it is because theyre not clear on the value that you and your service are bringing to their business.  

So you may well have a recruiting process that has got 30-plus steps in it; you may well hold their hand from beginning to end.  You may well be dealing with the candidates, dealing with counteroffers, making sure that when the candidates accept offers, that they are still there in two, three weeks, four-weeks’ time after they resigned, and they start with your client. 

Does your client understand, though, that you are there doing all that in the background? 

Because too often, I would suggest, that is not the case. 

And something for you to do is review your messaging and make sure that your clients and prospective clients, because were all looking for new clients right now, actually get the value that you and your business and your team bring to them.  

The second thing is, and its closely related, is that youre obscure.  

Getting Front-of-Mind 

People just dont know who you are. Youre not front-of-mind.  

They may see you or they may hear about you somewhere; they do a quick Google; your website doesnt appear on the first page of Google; when they look on you when they do get to your website. 

It might be that theyre looking at a website thats three to four years out of date; theyre looking on all your social channels, and they find that the content there, again, is out of date; theres nothing current, thats relevant, that potentially can add a huge amount of value.  

And we all know the importance of social proof, of being present. Because if you are not at the front of your clients minds and your prospects minds, you can guarantee there will be some of your competitors out there who are on it day in, day out, and they are absolutely all across social media, adding a huge amount of value and communicating the value of their services and their business. 

Number three, again, is related to the second one and the first one, and that is its great to start communicating. Its great to be present online.  

Be ‘Everywhere’  

However, what often happens, and the trap that a lot of businesses fall into is that they put a lot of energy and effort into building their online presence. But then, as they get busier and busier, as more jobs start coming in, growth starts kicking up again, that marketing takes a backward step; it becomes de-prioritized, there are not as much social media going on, so you drop off peoples radar.  

Now, if youre doing that and yet, again, your competitors have got their foot on the accelerator, and theyre still pushing, and theyre still communicating, and theyre still present online, they will succeed and be ahead of you in terms of being at the front of your clients and your prospects and your candidates minds.  

So remember, communicate your value, make sure that you are present, and you are consistent with your content in your social media so that you remain front-of-mind.  


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Thats Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. 

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