The Powerful Recruitment Marketing Strategy Many Recruiters Don’t Use


Hi, Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. Today’s topic of conversation is the recruitment marketing strategy whitepaper, or the lead magnet, or the free report, whichever word you want to use.

It is mainly the same thing.

Now, the critical thing is that it is underutilised as a strategy within recruitment marketing. It is part of that overall content marketing mix.

Recently I was on the Content Marketing Institute’s website. Did you know that 85% of business owners report that they look towards content marketing as a crucial lead generation strategy, and I am sure you are no different?

Let me give you three reasons why then you must start using this strategy far more in your marketing.

1. Positions You As An Authority

Now, the first thing is, of course, having a whitepaper on your website or having multiple whitepapers on your website positions you and your business as authorities within your recruitment sector. Often business owners within recruitment, because it is so competitive, talk about how they want to stand out within their particular niche. This is a great strategy to help you do that. It will also, of course, elevate your brand presence within that market.

2. Permission Based Marketing

Now, the second reason is, of course, GDPR, and the ePrivacy laws are changing very shortly. This is a great strategy to use regarding permission-based marketing.

3. Build Your Client And Candidate Database

The third reason is this strategy is going to allow you to build a client and candidate database. A client of ours recently used a specific type of whitepaper on their website, and in a very short space of time, had 600 downloads of that report. That means 600 email addresses of people that have expressed an interest that they can follow up.

Three specific areas that you can use whitepapers or lead magnets. Strongly recommend that you look at how many you are currently using on your website and you set yourselves a goal for at least doubling that.

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