The Power Of Batching Your Recruitment Marketing


This is Denise from Super Fast Recruitment, and today’s subject is productivity and an element of productivity, which is batching your recruitment marketing.

What is Batching Your Recruitment Marketing?

So, batching your recruitment marketing, a ninja tactic that works really well when you’ve got a lot to do. Now, one of the conversations we often have with clients and people that we interact with is, how do I get it all done? I get that marketing’s important, I get that there are lots of things I need to do, it’s not my natural skill, so how do you get into it? What do you do?

There’s one strategy that really, I’ve been honing over the years, and that’s batching. Put it down in the diary, make a time for it, and then do it.

But let me explain a little bit more about this.

I am a great maker of apple crumbles, a great maker of chilli, and various other things. I am a batch cook. I’m sure many of you have heard the term.

I actually find it quite relaxing as well, so I’ll decide, “Right, okay. This week I am making shepherd’s pies” or “I’m am doing whatever”.

Batching is something that’s a great technique that will enable you to maximise your time. The way to use batching is to think about:

  • What tasks do I have?
  • How long on average do they take me?
  • When is a good time to complete tasks to get in the zone?

Because you know what it’s like when you get into the zone and into flow? Suddenly things become easier and faster.

I’m recording this, at a time of year when Wimbledon’s just started. And you can see as people start to play, as they get into the match, then the strokes get better, they warm up, and everything else becomes smooth.

It’s because they’re getting into the flow, and batching is about getting into a flow with what you’re doing, which enable you to get more tasks completed; faster.

Now, I know at different times of the day my energy is different. I am a morning person, so if you’re trying to have a really intelligent conversation with me at 11 o’clock at night, it ain’t’ going to happen.

Because I’m a morning person, I tend to get up incredibly early. I’m up around 5am. It is the best time of the day for me. I am focused and clear, and my energy is super high.

Let me give you an example. We create a lot of content and social media for clients. We have writers that write for our clients as part of our business; then I also like writing too!

I love writing the social shares and tweets for clients, and things like that. And I get into a flow doing it, because often I’ve written quite a lot of their content.

And I’ve got it timed down, so I know the best time of day for me to start to maximise my output.

Something that I also use alongside batches I use, I call it a SOP, standard operating procedure, which I’ll talk about that another time.

What I do with my batching is I know the best times of days for me, I have everything ready and open, and I just fire off.

It’s amazing how fast things can happen. But what I don’t do is I don’t do two or three different things at once when I’m batching.

I have specific times allocated to specific tasks that way my brain doesn’t need to constantly be switching gears.

What Could You Batch?

Batching then? What could you batch?

Is it around writing emails? Is it around writing blog posts? Are there certain times of the day that I’m better at the creative or analytical tasks in the business?

A great mentor of mine once said to me, “Don’t have too much white space in your diary, Denise.” I know there are various views on this that we are probably all familiar with.

I must say; it works well for both Sharon and me. If it’s in the diary, I know it’s going to happen, so I block it off in my diary.

There are certain times that we carry out our coaching calls with our different programmes, all that is blocked off in my diary.

I also know that at different times of the week, I am a creative, in case you haven’t guessed, and so by the end of the week, I am a bit mashed.

I need time away from the creative tasks on a focus on other elements of the business.

When you know your internal rhythms and what works for you use this as part of your planning process.

That’s batching. Give it a go. You will be amazed how it can work for you, and you will be amazed how it will increase your productivity.


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