The 5 (Easy) Steps To Scale Your Placement Growth

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Placement growth is top of the agenda for all our clients and it’s a core topic we review at our events. Here at Superfast towers, we are planning the Superfast circle event. We run them in April/May and November and they are a bonus for our members.

For two days twice, a year our members get to work on their business, rather than in it and learn new things and what’s working now; it’s cool.

Time away to think is critical if you are serious about growth. Everything we teach to our circulites revolves around the core steps to scale their growth using marketing and sales strategies that work in recruitment.

I wanted to share them with you in these straightforward steps.

Placement Growth: Clarity and Making Things Simple: Know Your Starting Point

It’s so easy to complicate everything; especially in a world where digital rules! It’s not uncommon to start so many things at once and run around like a busy fool; Hey we have all done it at some point in the journey of growing our own business; haven’t we?

So, in this post and podcast, I want to share a few key things to think about as you end this year and plan for next. We have thrown in a few questions and a roadmap to follow too.

If you haven’t downloaded the Marketing Audit Checklist then grab your copy here first, print it off and fill it out.

Placement Growth:Foundation: Your Sector, Scalability and It’s Value

Running a recruitment and staffing business is about adding value and making a profit.

I would suspect that the majority of you reading this post or listening to the podcast have a money goal?

The question is, will your sector help you hit your financial goals this year, in 3 years, 5 years and beyond?

Don’t get emotional about it, simply do your proper research and get your calculator out. If it’s looking unworkable, this is information for you, and it might be time to add an additional verticle or expand your geography.

Listen even if you live in a small village in County Durham you can still supply candidates across the UK.

Many of you reading this might know the SFR story. We moved to Cumbria when we both worked in Corporate roles.

We then decided to start a business, here, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lakes and mountains, sheep and not many businesses-driven for growth!

Cycle forward 15 years, and we don’t have one client in the county we live in! Instead, they are all over the UK, the UAE, and Australia.

Your sector or niche, as my friends across the pond call it, is critical for your growth.  

Placement Growth: A High-Value Offer

We live in a world that is continually being dominated by specialists. People pay more for specialist services and advice. If you want a more sustainable business, go niche and improve the value of your service and then charge more.

If you don’t the struggle will continue, and those months you never tell anyone about where you are not sure if you will hit payroll will happen more and more.

Placement Growth: A Consistent Supply Of Leads Pre-Sold On Your Company Before You Speak

This must be your goal, and if you embrace marketing, which we strongly suggest you do, you can make this happen.

Any recruitment company that wants success needs to generate demand.

People can’t ‘buy’ from you if they don’t know about you; logical I know, and yet this basic premise escapes people.

That is why you need to invest in marketing campaigns that get your name in front of candidates and clients at all points of the buyer’s cycle.

I’m recording this in the Autumn and like most women, and I suspect many men to I am looking for some new clothes!

Now the big stores know this all too well.

So, over the past week, they have been advertising their new collection’s on TV; why because they know what the habits of their buyers are.

It’s the same in any market, as purchasers we need reminding.

A question; do you have a plan to get in front of your candidates and clients?

Are you consistently in their inbox or social feeds?

People buy from people they know like and trust and this doesn’t happen overnight.

Market well and then follow through with your sales process, and conversion happens.

Look at these well researched and documented buyers cycle conversion stats related to the ‘prospects’ you are connected to now:

  • 3-5% are ready to buy now
  • 45% are likely to buy within 90 days
  • 50% are likely to buy within the next 12-24 months.

Knowing this data; is your conversion process set up to deliver?

Placement Growth: Your Conversion System

Let’s be frank about it, in marketing speak recruitment is a high-value offer.

Let’s use a conservative average placement fee of £5k.

Nobody is going to click a link and buy this off the shelf. It will involve a conversation. Knowing the buyer’s cycle, therefore, is key.

The goal then is to talk on the phone or face to face with people who have some level of awareness of you.

Fact: A thought through, and honed marketing process for recruitment and staffing companies will presell you.

Those blog posts you write and share, the reports and checklists you give out, the videos you upload to LinkedIn and Facebook.

In a busy market, people have so much more choice.

They don’t need to work with the first recruitment company they come across anymore; we are living in 2018 not 1998

Today people will work with the one that stands out.

Provided you follow through of course…..

So when your consultants pick up the phone and call a client or candidate the reception they receive will be very different.

Business success 101.

Sell something people want.

A well-executed recruiting process is exactly that.

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