Thank You Pages-3 Reasons Why Recruitment Companies Need To Use Them

This week I have been updating a number of our marketing campaigns; from new reports business owners can download to working through our prospect journey and finalising our own marketing for our latest brand-new webinar on email marketing.

One vital element of every campaign we create – and this has been part of our strategy for years – is the thank you page: an often-underutilised part of a marketing campaign.

Last week, on one of our Superfast Circle calls, we answered several questions on the subject too.

So, what is a thank you page and what part does it play in marketing?

A Thank You Page: Leads People Through The Process

Have you ever had that slightly weird experience where you add your name and email address (and sometimes more) into a web form, press send and then – nothing? Crickey!

You are left wondering; “did it work”… “should I do it again?”

Slightly unnerving, isn’t it? If you experience this phenomenon, it’s likely your candidates and clients will too.

If you have a campaign running where someone gives you their contact details and you don’t respond, you could be losing either-

  • a valued customer
  • a valued subscriber

If someone has given you their email address (and hopefully their name too), they are demonstrating at least some level of interest in what you have for them.

You are also missing out on quite a few other things I want to share today too.

A Thank You Page: Nurturing

We already know that not every client or candidate starts working with us straight away. It’s called the buying cycle, so logically we want to nurture our close connections until they do.

What better than to land on a page and get a message – either written or video – that explains what is happening and what you can expect next.

As human beings, we are curious creatures, and we are wired to seek out the next part of the puzzle. One quote I saw recently on Businessweek revealed that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

Picture the scene: you have decided to click on an advert that appeals to you. You have now given your name and email address to someone you don’t know.

Imagine if you are now on a page with a straightforward, friendly video and testimonials or case studies related to what you requested?

Value-based marketing is becoming increasingly important in a business landscape where everyone has more choice.

It’s not hard to do either.

You could replicate exactly what we do. On a number of our landing pages, we have a bonus training video straight after our short welcome video that is related to whatever our new subscriber has downloaded.

What impact is that likely to make on your perception of the supplier or brand in general?

I think you know the answer!

A Thank You Page: Social Proof

We live in a review society where choice is everywhere. I suspect many of you who are listening to this podcast check out trip advisor before you book that holiday or restaurant or buy the latest gadget from Amazon.

The same driver to ensure we make the right choice plays out when you are choosing a service provider too.

This being the case, how about sharing your latest testimonials or case studies on your thank you page?

On our thank-you pages, we use a video of either Sharon or I welcoming people and making a call to action (more on that later).

Also, we add a selection of testimonial and case study videos related to the services we provide. If you want to experience how this works, go and download our latest recruitment marketing trends report here.

A Thank You Page: Call to Action

A question for you; do you use a call to action in your marketing?

Many recruitment and staffing organisations don’t.

Seth Godin, the well-known marketer, talks about the fact that as human beings we do like to be led and if you don’t suggest what the next step might be for candidates and clients, they won’t know what you want them to do.

Examples might be:

  • Watch this video, then call us on 061 100 1000
  • Fill in this checklist
  • Download our latest guide
  • Upload your CV
  • Book a call …and this list goes on

Make sure that every article or post on your website has the details of how to contact you. It’s also a good idea to add your phone number as people can land on your blog from anywhere.

Here is something to remember when it comes to your call to action: some people are ready to act now for various reasons.

The one you will recognise straight away is when an individual is at a certain point in the buying cycle and is ready to act. They might have finally decided to move, or the headcount numbers have been signed off so recruitment can start.

And here is something else: some of us are just wired that way!

Fascinating topic – and as a recruiter, it’s useful to understand human behaviour, isn’t it?

If you want to dive deeper into this, there is an internationally recognised profiling tool you can use from the Kolbe Corporation which assesses instinctive strengths, one of which is about how likely you are to take action fast.

This is why it is always vital to have an opportunity for someone to book a call with you or pick up the phone.

You’ll notice on our website we have buttons in all the relevant places for people to book a call because we are aware of how this process works.

So, there we have it, the humble thank you page and how it can work for your business.



P.S. A critical marketing trend this year is that your candidates and clients want more connection and value. If you haven’t downloaded our latest trends report, either click here or on the image below and get your personal copy.


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