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Today’s topic is an interesting one inspired by a tic-tac conversation I had with an old mentor of ours- she’s not old; she’s a mentor that we used to work with a lot in the past!

She was talking about using what is in your store cupboard as a cooking resource!

This got me thinking that you can apply that same principle to your marketing and here’s how.

I think it was last week or the week before in one of our Superfast circle calls. One of our members was talking about; “I have followed the campaign brief so far, and it is great I have got leads already.”

[I think he’s converted two or three new clients that he wasn’t expecting through using a process that we suggest.]

He said, “Okay, so what do I do now?”

We talked about how he can use content he’s probably already got in his store cupboard, aka his hard drive or in that filing cabinet at the back of the office that he could repurpose and use.

There’s a couple of things I want to talk about here that you need to consider that is important because I think with some people, they don’t realise what they have got, and they don’t recognise how that can be leveraged.

You Know A Lot And Can Add Massive Value

The first thing is, think about the value you can add and that your clients and candidates don’t know as much as you do because if they did, they would probably would not even consider using a recruitment company anyway.

They don’t so you are here to help them.

Even though you think, “Well everyone would know that” anyway Denise, no, he or she wouldn’t.

Here is another practical example to consider

A client of ours has a great website, and when we looked in his resources section, he had loads of different things that the could use as part of his email marketing campaign that we were creating for him. He has excellent case studies too and content on how to prepare for a competency-based interview.

He admitted he had forgotten the resources he had on his website! Not uncommon.

Your Candidate And Client Journey

The second thing is, think about the candidate journey and the client journey.

This will help you plan out the content they want/need.

For a candidate, going for a new role now, what would I need to be considering?

As an example a candidate might be asking themselves do they really want to move and if so why?

You could help them by sending them a link to a relevant blog post. Let’s be honest the last thing you want is  a candidate that changes their mind halfway through the process

Then it could be, okay, so what do I put into my CV? When I fill out an application on Indeed should I add a cover letter? These are all great ideas and suggestions that candidates don’t think about that you could help them with.

We have a great client of ours that at the end of each month when we’ve written her content we send her links to it and then her team shares relevant posts to both their candidates and clients.

Somebody might say I’m struggling with this. Our client will then send them a link so they can go and read the content relevant to their issue. It’s the same for your clients and candidates too.

We wrote a viral post for someone a while ago on interview skills for hiring managers.

As we all know if you are not interviewing every day, your skills get rusty.

Therefore being able to add that resource is essential; I suspect if you look in your recruitment store cupboard you will have a ton of ‘things’ you could use?

It will probably be a PDF that you’ve got somewhere, that you’ve got something that you can use as marketing collateral because marketing is about helping you stand out as the recruiter of choice. You do that by adding value you do that by spreading goodwill in your market.

It’s interesting we have moved into this office, and we’ve known about this place for a while. We’ve kept in touch with the owner of the building.

He’s kept in touch. He’s not hassled us, and he’s sent us little things.

Little pieces of information that have built a connection that at the end of the day has made us decide actually to move here too.

Store cupboard marketing; what have you got that you can use?

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