Recruitment Marketing Strategies: How To Make Your Blogs Pay For Themselves Part 1


Hi, it’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and today I want to talk to you about blogging.

It is fantastic to see that so many recruitment companies and staffing businesses are blogging and using this strategy to build their brand presence.

The thing is though, someone asked me the other day, a very common question, and that is; “ hey Sharon, I’m putting all these blogs up, but nobody’s visiting them, so what I do?”

Moreover, that is what I want to talk more about in this video, so let’s dive into it.

Now, who remembers that movie, The Field of Dreams? Now, this quote didn’t come from that movie but it was used in it, and it’s that phrase, build it, and they will come!

Well, hey do you know what, that’s rubbish because it doesn’t always happen does it, we know that. Now, we live, very fortunately, in the beautiful Lake District and we’ve got sunshine today, maybe not the 35 degree temps that they’re predicting, but it’s fantastic.

If Denise and I opened up an outdoor pursuit shop in the middle of Windermere, selling fleeces and outdoor gear. If we opened it in a back street without any promotion, what would happen? I reckon it’d crash and burn after the first season.

Moreover, you know, having your blog content on a blog without promoting it is almost like the same thing. You’re risking it crashing and burning.

So what I want to do in this video and in a second video that we will post next week is share with you 6 strategies that you can use to promote this fantastic content that you’re investing time and resources in creating.

1. Get Your Consultants To Promote It….

So the first strategy then is, get your consultants to promote it like hell! Keep promoting it down their LinkedIn profiles, get them to like and share it.

Can you imagine all the different connections your consultants have got and multiply how many people you could get that content out to, that’s number one.

2. Post On Your LinkedIn Pulse

The second one is make sure as a business owner that you post that content down your LinkedIn profile. Of course, what I mean is, on your own LinkedIn Pulse, so that you get it distributed on that publishing platform as well.

3. Send It To Your Clients and Candidates

And the third one is, we have a great new client, and relatively new business, and what he is doing is, in his conversations with clients and candidates, he’s looking for opportunities to mention that he’s got an article in his blog about, whether it’s interviewing, writing a CV, whether it’s about the client’s recruitment process, whatever it is.

What he then does is he will send them a link in his follow up email and he’s sending me weekly emails about feedback he’s getting about that content, and he can show that the candidates that have gone for interviews and have read certain articles, have found those articles so helpful, it’s helped them nail that interview and secure that job.

Next week I’ll cover another three strategies for you.



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