Recruitment Marketing-Massive Action=More Results

Hi everyone, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. And today, I want to talk to you about how you can create opportunities to complete some of those projects that have just been slipping.
This is about taking massive action on tasks that might have slipped off your ‘to do’ list this year.

Now, when we look at this in our business and with clients that we work with, we give it a bit of a jazzy name and it’s called a six-week sprint.

So today, we and some of our members of Superfast Circle have all committed to a six-week sprint. And we’re going to share with each other what some of those key projects and key activities are. And these are things that if you take action on them now before, let’s say, December the 20th when we all stop, and put our feet up, and have a glass of wine, then these activities and these completed projects can make a massive impact to how you end the year or how you start 2020.

What Could You Do?

So, let me give you a couple of suggestions. It could be that you commit to having your marketing plan completed by the time you finish and close your business down for the holidays. It could be that you have a new campaign or new business development set up and ready to go when you start back in the new year. It could be that you commit to getting a series of case studies that you’ve been promising yourself that you would get together, and get on your website, and you haven’t quite done it. So, it could be several different kinds of things.

You could use this as a business owner, to deal with some of those projects may be that you’ve been resisting, because if you’ve been resisting certain things for quite a while, normally it suggests that these are really important and they can have a significant impact on your business.

You could do this yourself and you could get your teams involved. So, everybody must commit to one or two key things that been dropping off their radar as well.
When you do this, you commit, you act and you will be amazed at how focused you and your team can be and what you can deliver in a short space of time, which is just the last few weeks of the year. It also generates some fabulous energy and additional motivation.

Ready to get going?



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