Recruitment Marketing Ideas From The Ecommerce World

Today we’ll be exploring more creative ideas for our marketing campaigns. 

So let’s look at the world of e-commerce for our next marketing idea. [This is a direct transcription for your benefit, so excuse any typing errors!] 

We have just moved house, and as you do, when you move somewhere, you want to enjoy yourself and invite people over to have a look around…….  And you might go along to your local wine store and purchase some wine so that you can have a nice drink together. 


Use Direct Mail To Specific Groups 

This is exactly what I did. And in fact, I am a regular customer of a wine warehouse store in the UK called Majestic. Now, over the past few weeks, I have bought, I think, two lots of wine from this particular place.  

Then miraculously, I receive through my letterbox a brochure that is targeted directly at me. It’s called Black Book Wines. So imagine that this is being sent to a client to encourage that client to purchase more.  

The marketers and business owners listening to this will understand that quite often, if people purchase once, they will purchase again. So what you’ve got here is an upmarket brochure called; “Black Book Wines”. I mean, there’s a clue in the title that if something’s in a black book, it’s normally meant to be good.  

And then they have “rare and special finds for the summer ahead”. I purchased some wine in early summer, so this is pre-framing me to buy more as the summer goes on. They also have “limited quantities of exciting wines sourced exclusively for our best customers”.  

Now, if that isn’t going to pull me in, nothing’s going to pull me in. We’ve spoken about Cialdini’s principles of influence many times before. So they have a nice bit of scarcity going on here because they’re “limited”.  

Re-engage Previous Clients 

So who isn’t going to want to look at that? It seems like a very classy brochure. And they start with wines. The first wine I’m looking at is £18 a bottle, which is not an insignificant purchase to make, particularly when you have to buy a minimum of 6 of them. 

So if you imagine this particular campaign is delivered to a current client, who is much more likely to respond, the cost of sending a direct mail versus the sale you could make would work.  

How could this work for you as a recruiter?  


Offer a Different Yet Connected Service 

Maybe, if you’re not using retained as a service, you could send out some form of communication, an email or a physical item to one of your clients about how you could work with them on a retained basis. And because you’ve worked with them in the past, you understand them, and you know the market.  

Maybe you could come to a different service arrangement with them. 

So this was an idea randomly from the e-commerce world. And I’m sure as you start to look out there, you will see more examples of this that maybe you could use too.  

And if you would like more ideas about marketing, you want to know how to get your strategy together, then come along to Book a call with either Sharon or me and let’s have a conversation about how we might help you too. 


How We Can Help 

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