Recruitment BD : The Year of The Phone

Recruitment BD is on most people’s agenda this year.

2022 was an amazing year for many recruitment and search companies. After crazy Covid, everything felt easy; clients approached recruiters, and candidates weren’t hard to find.

2023 wasn’t quite the same, yet companies did the same things.

So why weren’t the same BD strategies working?

It’s a question many business owners and recruiters have found themselves asking.

This week, we chatted with 20-year recruitment expert Ali Braid, the “Recruitment Trainer” who is passionate about business development.

Ali talks about why the same strategies didn’t work last year and why business development is a top priority for owners who want to grow their companies and have a standout service and offers.

In This Week’s Video and Podcast We Shared

Strategies Working Today

With technological advances, which accelerated rapidly during the Pandemic, the tech stack available to recruitment companies is ever-growing.

Combining this with marketing automation makes many options available to support business development. The question is knowing where to start and what to focus on when it’s easy to be dazzled by the latest bright, shiny new object or piece of tech. 😊

Why The Phone Must Feature In Your BD Process

If we are all honest with ourselves, we use our phones differently than 5 or 10 years ago.

We often send a “how are you” What’s App when it would have been a quick call ten years ago.

As an industry, we talk about being “partners” with clients and looking for long-term relationships.
Yet, so many colleagues in the industry are no longer in the habit of using the phone for BD, and newer team members are more familiar with messaging, emailing and texting.

If we want long-term partnerships, we need to build deeper relationships, which means we need to take time to talk and engage with clients, including getting out and meeting with them.

The challenge for many owners and Directors is how to engage teams in BD when many won’t have experienced a market like today in their careers to date.

Ali shares ideas and strategies that she uses with her clients and their teams that allow them to create a culture where BD is embraced.

This includes having a team focus on 20-minute BD outreach sessions, encouraging people to fail and then learn, And recognizing the importance and value of feedback.

To find out more about Ali, you can visit here website here.














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