Planning For Lockdown

This week will mark our fifth week in lockdown here in the UK. It is quite strange and yet a necessary action to protect our NHS and save lives.

According to several articles from reputable sources now is the time our team (and that means us too) will start to get restless.

The excitement of working from home or getting a few weeks off ‘on furlough’ could turn into worry and fear for the future; I suspect even more so as we start another three weeks in isolation.

We are dealing with a biological event that is continuing to change-impacted by so many factors- no one actually knows precisely what will happen over the next few weeks.

Though this is the case, we need to have a plan to get through it. I agree we should all have a long-term plan; however, for now, let’s consider next week and the week after as a first start.

So, a few suggestions.

A Plan For Lockdown Now

  • Have a plan and a vision you share with people, both for the immediate future and the rest of this year. Ideally, include your marketing strategy (this is how you will stand out and resurrect and generate leads) to keep business moving forward- people need to see you are the stronger leader to look up to who is creating the future for them and the business
  • Keep in regular contact with everyone in your team including people who are furloughed-don’t let your zoom/Ms teams, or skype calls drift
  • Cut people some slack- many people are living in fear at the moment their primitive brain is going bonkers, and they will say and do odd things-including your team, fellow directors, suppliers, significant others and friends and family
  • Some of your team could be living on their own give them some special TLC
  • Spend a portion of your day planning and scheming for the future and getting excited about the new you that is stepping up to this challenge.
  • Successful athletes all use visualisation as a technique to create their future. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or imagined. Use this to your advantage-it works at every level and even in a pandemic

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