Online Marketing For Recruiters: How Facebook Adds Another Level To Your Recruitment


Most recruiters are now active on LinkedIn, the largest social networking community for professionals, and the importance of online recruiting activities has been given a huge boost as a result. If you have visited us before have a look at some of our videos and blog posts. The reality is though, online marketing for recruitment companies does not stop at LinkedIn. Social media for recruiters is becoming a key marketing strategy in the goal to bring in high quality candidates.


Social media for recruiters is getting more important by the day, and one of the best places to be is Facebook. But how do recruitment professionals start tapping into the recruitment potential of Facebook? For many, it is not as obvious as using LinkedIn, which comes with a number of specialist tools to assist in the recruitment process. However, Facebook is the giant of social media, with one billion users and rising, meaning it simply cannot be overlooked.


So how can you get more from your recruitment activities on Facebook?


Set Up a Compelling Recruitment Page


The first thing you need to do is set up your recruitment page. Make it clear, uncluttered and compelling. Set up a vacancies tab that is easy to find, and make the page eye-catching and simple to navigate.


Once you have set up your page (which is free to do), you need to focus on keeping it updated. As with the majority of online marketing, this comes down to posting regular, interesting content to engage your potential hires. Add new positions and jobs to your page as they come up, answer your visitors’ questions, include interviews with industry figures, launch contests and surveys to engage visitors further, and in general make sure that you are responsive and regularly participating with your visitors.


You will stand a much better chance of getting your content shared across the network if you make it interesting and relevant. Facebook provides huge possibilities for viral marketing and if you engage your visitors properly you could see a huge return on investment.


Experiment with Sponsored Stories


Sponsored Stories are still relatively new on Facebook, and they go beyond simple ads. The main difference is the level of social endorsement that they incorporate. There are different types of sponsored stories, including ones that show up when someone likes your website or Facebook page. These show up in the news feed, and this can be an ideal way to spread the word about your recruitment activities to reach more passive candidates who you would otherwise not be able to access.


Seek Out Talent


With so much potential talent present on Facebook, finding the right applicants is a huge task. However, there are ways that you can improve your chances of finding the right people. One of these is to seek out relevant user groups and join in with discussions.


Another potentially significant tool that will soon be coming your way is the Graph Search feature, which will be unrolled shortly and could prove to be exactly what the recruitment industry has been looking for.


Graph Search makes it easier to optimise results by searching for people based on their education, employment history, interests and almost anything else of relevance. It is still in beta mode, but once it is released properly it could prove to be a very important tool for social media recruitment.


Explore Facebook Further


There is a huge amount of potential talent on Facebook, and it is also an ideal screening tool. Personal profiles are like social resumes, and there is a lot of potential in the platform for recruiters, especially with new tools like Graph Search arriving on the scene. If you currently limit your activities to LinkedIn, consider experimenting with Facebook and you could find that it becomes an essential recruitment tool.





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