Masterclass Recordings: How to Launch A New Recruiting Product or Service

Welcome to Episode 284 of The Recruitment, Marketing, and Sales Podcast. I am your host, Denise Oyston.  

[Please excuse any typing errors as this is a direct transcription.] 

Today we have a treat for you. In fact, over the next few podcasts, we have decided to share the recordings of some of our most popular masterclasses. 

We get a lot of positive feedback about this podcast, and I know many of you have been listening to it avidly during this crazy year as you have gone out on your daily exercise, or you have been working out or whatever you’ve been doing. 

We thought we would grab the audio from some of the recent training classes that we have delivered and give you access to the audio recordings. 

Now, the only thing is there will not be a transcription of this because many of our masterclasses are over an hour long. The audio is longer to listen to, and there is a lot of content there, so we hope you enjoy them. 

Launching a New Recruiting Product or Service 

The first one that we are sharing with you is a topic that has come up a lot recently, and that is, do I need to add a new recruiting product or service into my current recruiting offer?  

As we all know, there have been many changes in the market, and many people are considering their next business move when it comes to growing their recruitment company. 

  • Could I productise my offering? 
  • Is this still the right sector for me?  
  • Do I need to change the service that we are offering slightly? 
  • Is this still the right sector for me?  
  • Could I add new verticals? 
  • Could I branch out further to different locations and leverage remote working? 

Sharon and I have a background in product launch from our time in the Pharmaceutical industry. We are therefore in a good position to help you on this one.  

Todays recording is from a masterclass that I ran a couple of months ago. It is just over an hour long, and I know that this will give you a lot of help because it shares how to structure the launch process for either a new product, or a new service, or how to enter a new market.  

Some of the things you might want to consider, some things you might want to put on the back burner, and literally, it gives you a way to plan out what you will do next. 



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