Marketing For Recruitment Companies – The Biggest Myth


Marketing for recruitment companies is big business. Millions of pounds are spent every year marketing job opportunities in the hope that the perfect candidates will eventually be sourced and placed. There are many myths when marketing in the industry and believing these could easily result in a less productive marketing campaign. However, there is one huge myth that has surfaced over the past few years that recruiters who are marketing for recruitment companies must not believe and that is:


“Social media marketing is a phase and is not effective for recruitment marketing”


This is the biggest myth in the world of recruitment and usually spoken by those who haven’t yet embraced with social media technology. In fact this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Social media has exploded and the majority of savvy recruiters are now using this media to maximise their online presence, brand themselves and generate interest in their vacancies. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are a great way for recruiters to source and converse with both candidates and clients alike.

It is believed that LinkedIn profiles will eventually surpass the traditional paper format. They are more authentic than the traditional resume as they can always be verified. They come with recommendations and a list of the person’s network. Their profile can be viewed by their peers at any time. It is difficult for a person to boast inaccuracies online when their colleagues and friends can see it.


Whilst social media can boost and enhance a candidate’s online profile but it can also go the other way too. Those who post pictures of themselves online in drunken states may just be harming their digital presence. Recruiters can source a candidate’s best qualities, but also unearth the bad ones too.




A digital presence forms an accurate overview for an employer and it is estimated that 90% of employers have done an online search, using social media, for a prospective employee either before or during the interview process.


Due to the massive volume of members (over 200 million), LinkedIn is set to be one of the world’s most used sources for both job seeker and recruiter. For those in the industry who do believe the myth that social media marketing is just a phase, they may just be in for a shock over the next few years. LinkedIn is witnessing two new members every second and Facebook which surpassed 1 billion members in October 2012 has just opened a jobs board. Can recruiters really afford to pass social media off as a myth?


The traditional methods of recruiting, i.e. placing job adverts in print publications are dying out. Recruiters are adapting to new and contemporary ways in which to recruit and research candidates. For those who are marketing for recruitment companies and do not wish to adapt to new and emerging technologies, the state of play is drastically changing. Unless they dispel this myth and engage with social media technology, sooner or later they may just find that it is they who are looking for work and not the candidate.






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