Marketing for Recruitment Companies: How to Write a Marketing Plan

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How to write a marketing plan? Isn’t necessarily a question we get asked. The conversation normally goes along the lines of what should I be doing and when!

And yet if MDs and business owners started out with a marketing plan its likely they would get better results for their marketing investment.

Logically if you want to create demand for your recruiting service (marketing= creating demand) and dominate your sector by having your recruiters then convert this demand (that is what sales is!) then you will need a plan to create demand that attracts:

  • Clients
  • Candidates
  • ….. and depending on your growth plans; talent

Here is a simple format of where to start.

Carry Out a Marketing Audit

Not very sexy I know and yet if you want to move forward you need to know where you are unless you want to relive Groundhog Day repeatedly. Think about the following key areas.

  • What is working?
  • What isn’t working or hasn’t produced results?
  • What are we doing?
  • What has worked in the past that we have stopped doing?
  • How many candidates/clients are on our database and LinkedIn profiles (all our consultants)?
  • What sales process are we using and where is this recorded?
  • How many visitors to our website and our content?
  • How many emails are opened and how are our consultants following this up?

I am sure you get the picture. Often when we talk to prospective clients and ask these questions the penny drops that they are unclear what they are doing, they realise it isn’t following a plan of any sort and is generally disconnected from the vision and goals.

Start With The End In Mind

It’s impossible to create a plan for something unless you know what you want to achieve. One of Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of success is start with the end in mind.

Therefore what do you want to achieve in the following time frames. I find with SME recruitment companies its preferable to think in these time frames.

  • The short; think 90 days
  • Medium; think 6-12 months
  • Long term; think 12 -36 months

Though I am a great believer in having a growth mindset I am also a realist too. Working in sales and marketing as I have for over 30 years miracles don’t happen without work and rarely as soon as any of us would like. Therefore, set stretch goals and add a smattering of realism.

Think about what is important to achieve and build into your plan activities to attract clients and candidates. Plan for referral business and how you can scale using, social media your brand, messaging and email.

[Hint these will be critical in the next 12 months.]

If you would like a copy of our sales and marketing milestones to help inform your conversation send Sharon an email.

Map It Out

Keep it simple and map out in sequence what you know needs to happen. For instance, there is no point updating your website if you know work needs to happen on your niche selection or target clients or candidates.

The easiest way to create you plan is to use a spreadsheet with time frames.

Review It Weekly

Here is the thing. Marketing often lands at the bottom of the pile for recruiters and I can understand why. Yet if you continue to side-line this one day you will be shoved out of the way by someone who hasn’t. Review the projects tasks and actions and whatever happens keep moving forward.

What Next?

If you would like a copy of the Recruitment marketing milestones email Sharon and she will send you a copy.

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