Lead Generation Strategies: 4 Essentials For A Business Website

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We are continuing our series on lead generation strategies that work. A pretty obvious one and…


Drum roll… you need a website. Not just any old website. I mean a direct response website. One that encourages your visitor to take action especially if you are a company selling in the B2B arena.


So what is a direct response website? This is a website which has much more than your name and a few images. This is a website that builds a relationship and encourages your visitor to take some tangible action. This is especially important if you want you beautiful looking website to generate some money for you.


B2B marketing strategies generally are little different. I have mentioned a number of times that potential clients who eventually buy your services are likely to check you out online first. Why? Because they can. No longer do they have to go through the process of calling you or your company and doing an initial investigation to decide whether you are a fit and a match for them. Instead they can have a look at your online presence and decide if you fit their initial criteria.


I guess you are already bought into that idea or you would not be reading this!


First steps are, decide what you want your website to do for you? Might sound obvious and yet not always so. Many sites are designed by graphic designers not marketers.  Here are a few ideas for you that will help start the process of turning your website into a lead generation machine.

Telephone Numbers

For instance do you want people to pick up the phone and call you? Some companies don’t. If you do it would be a sensible idea to have your telephone number where people can see it and large enough so it is readable. You phone number needs to be on the ‘hot’ spot of your website. This means on your header or around the top third. Make sure it appears on every page of your website.

Opt-In Database Collection


Your targeted list will be one of your best sources of new clients. If someone joins your list in return for giving them something of value they are targeted. That means they are more likely to respond to your offer. This is where the term optin comes from. In other words they have made a conscious decision. Business in the new economy is simple and goes something like this…

Targeted lead————->Build and Offer Value———–> Make an Offer————-> Make a sale or have a new client


There are many ways to make this happen. Creating value and making an offer is for another day. Let’s look at the practical part first, in how you logistically get their contact details. The more information you ask for the fewer people will sign up. It is just a fact of life. The software that helps create these optin forms and helps you manage your contact with people are easy to find. You can buy into programmes that manage your auto responders in an ethical way.

I have had a play with a number. The one we decided on which is easy and a reasonable cost is Aweber. I prefer it to mail chimp as it integrates better with other providers like merchant accounts and PayPal. There are a number on the market. DON’T go for the free option because in theory that database that you are working so hard to create is not yours. 

Contact Form


Have a contact form on your website that goes to an email address that is looked at regularly. Yes you might get the odd spam email promising to get you on the first page of Google for a fiver, ignore those and look for the ones from customers and act on them ASAP. I regularly review websites for people and only over half of them have a professional contact form.




Have a blog attached as an integral part of your website. Not a separate one. If it is not attached you are losing the benefit of its power. Blog posts get found online. Good ones get shared and linked to.  This means yours can as well. You are reading a blog post now. It is dynamic and easy to do. If you can type in a word document and press update you can blog.


Google …for now…seems to love good regular content and the sense that you have a community building. If it sees this it will send more traffic your way. Blog posts are easy to write and help you demonstrate you knowledge and expertise. Through other social media and networking channels you can send people to your content. In order of priority for B2B marketing, use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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