Lead Generation-Refilling Your Pipeline

Hi, everyone, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and today I want to talk to you about how my goal of drinking more water relates to you and your recruitment business, filling your sales pipeline.

Last week, I talked about everybody’s busy planning and looking at how are they going to achieve their goals this year. And the rate-limiting factor to any recruitment business achieving their financial targets will be how efficient and effective you are as a business, filling your sales pipeline with that consistent flow of clients and candidates.

For those of you who are mega gym buddies, and I know there are many of you out there, you might scoff at what I’m about to say, but one of my personal goals this year is about drinking one and a half litres of water. And I know for many of you, you’ll be thinking, “That is nothing.”

Trust me. For me, it’s a massive goal.

I’d rather have a mug of hot water than this cold one. But it does relate, this glass of water, to you, your business, and your sales pipeline.

Fill Your Pipeline

Because if I take a sip of this water, it’s going to go down, isn’t it? Now think of my glass of water as your client and candidate pipeline, your sales pipeline. Because I can fill my glass of water up, can’t I? I can put more water in and I can keep drinking it. If I keep drinking my glass of water, though, and I don’t keep topping it up, I am not going to hit my one and a half litres a day because I know how many of those glasses I need to drink. And it’s quite a few.

Think about your sales pipeline, then. If you fill your pipeline and put that energy and effort in and then you have your consultant team, working that pipeline, working those leads, converting them, getting those jobs filled, at some point, you will go back to that glass or that pipeline and it’s empty.

Or there’s only a bit left in the bottom.

Because what you haven’t also taken time to do is to keep topping up that pipeline of clients and candidates that will then fuel the next month and the month after that. So if you are looking for ideas on how you can make sure this year that you can keep drawing from this pipeline of yours and keep filling it up, then book a call with us here-> www.superfastrecruitment/call



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