How To Leverage Your Blog Content Part 2


Hi, it’s Sharon Newey from Super Fast Recruitment, and today I want to share with you three more strategies on how to use your blog content.  

Now, if you didn’t see the first video on this topic which we did last week, click this link and it will take you straight to it 

In fact, I will share an additional Facebook strategy that we share with clients in our Superfast Circle group. 


1. Share it (In full) On Facebook 

You will have noticed recently that in Facebook you can now post longer posts, so we strongly recommend that you copy and paste your blog post into a Facebook post and start distributing that across your own Facebook community.  


2. Turn It Into A PDF 

Now, the second thing is to take every blog post that you or your content writer is creating and turn it into a PDF and start using that as marketing collateral.  

Think about it, if for every candidate that registered with your agency, how about you automatically follow them up and sent them an article about how to write a fantastic CV, how to ace an interview and a relevant one for clients as well, so that’s the second thing. Convert it into a PDF.  


3. Send an Email Promoting Your Content 

Now, the third thing is, and we do this for our clients when we are creating content and social media services for them, we also create for every single blog post an email, a hooky email to encourage people to click on the link, go back to your website and read your amazing content. So, write an email, send your database an email and promote this content that you are creating. 


4. Your Email Footer 

One more strategy to share today relates to your one to one emails. 

How many emails do you think you and your team send every day? Think about it, to clients and candidates. Imagine if on the footer of your email you add a link to the latest client and candidate blog post. It’s another way you can get relevant content out to your audience to demonstrate your authority, and it positions you and your brand out in the market as the go-to place.  

So, you are putting your time and if you outsource your content, money, into creating content to position your organisation, then you promoting your content is key. 


What Next? 

Act now because all these strategies work so well; providing you use them? Would you like help creating your content from an expert in the field? Then get in contact by emailing us here. Alternatively, calling +44(0) 1524 784 331 

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