How GDPR Saved Email Marketing For The Recruitment Sector

Do you remember what was happening two years ago? We were all getting frustrated and pulling our hair out about the GDPR coming into force.

Well, the thing about GDPR and its implementation is it probably saved email marketing, and in this video, blog and podcast I want to share why. Excuse and rogue typing errors as this is a direct transcription from the video for your benefit.

Email Engagement

Two years ago, many business owners were concerned that GDPR could be the end of email marketing; historically a great way to interact with candidates and clients.

Fast forward two years, where are we? We’re still here and so is email, so are our lists and CRM systems too.

There have been some great lessons though related to why GDPR has saved email, and that’s because it made organisations take action and sort at our act when it came to our ongoing relationship with our ‘list’: We had to look at our databases, clean them up.

Does The Size of Your Database Matter?

The second lesson is that we’ve realised it’s more profitable to a business to have a smaller list that you’re marketing to, people who are engaged, rather than having these big huge lists where people are just disenfranchised, their disengaged and they’re not responding.

So today where are we?

We know that email marketing is still the most cost-effective marketing strategy for your business. We’re not leveraging it though in the way that we could.

So there are three strategies I want to share with you that you can start using today.

Share High-Quality Content

The first thing is to make sure that you are sharing far more consistently high-quality content, whether that’s blog posts, whether that’s videos, podcasts, et cetera.

We live in the knowledge era and people that is your candidates and clients are looking for help daily; so help them and then watch what happens.

Use a Mix Of Promotional and Value Add Content

The next key area to implement is continue to make sure that you are, every third or fourth email, promoting your service.

Fact: Logically, you will promote your services to your database. Which of course you can do in a variety of ways. Like using a testimonial or case study from a client and stating your unique value proposition and what is different between you and your competitors.


The third thing is, you’ve got a database, how about segmenting this down and sharing different kinds of content.

Many people are sharing candidate content and client content, but you can still break that down into smaller subgroups so that you’re sharing more personalised content.

So please make the most of email, it works, and you are sat on an untapped profit base in your database.



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