How Easy Do You Make It For People To Buy Your Recruiting Service?


Today I want to talk to you about what we can learn from E-commerce when it comes to a recruiting service and marketing a recruitment and staffing company. Now, over the weekend we had some friends here, and I must confess we had one of those mornings yesterday where we did a bit of an Amazon blitz.

So, you know what it’s like, you go on to Amazon, you’re looking for a book that one of your friends has just said “That’s great, you need to get that,” but it was more than one or two, let’s say that.

Now, it did get me thinking though about how E-commerce makes it so easy to buy and buy far more than you planned to. Now, what can we learn from that in terms of marketing recruiting service companies? I think the thing that we notice often is, on a website let’s say, we have to go hunting for a phone number, and sometimes it’s tucked away right at the bottom of the webpage, or even you have to go onto the contact us page. So, how about making it really, really easy for people to get in touch with you, whether that’s a phone number, an email address, or your LinkedIn connections?

Now, here’s the other thing, what about a call to action? How much are you using a call to action in your marketing? So, three key areas to be up-levelling the number of call to actions that you’re using:
First, of course, at the bottom of every single email, have a call to action there. Now, that could be a link to a blog post, a link to a report that you want people to register and download, or just go and download. It’s a call to action; it’s about how you’re adding value.

The second place you could do this is when you are adding content onto LinkedIn, like a LinkedIn pulse article that you want to publish, are you using a call to action at the bottom of that page? Are you giving people multiple different choices of how to get in touch? It could be a phone number; it could be a landline, it could be mobile. It could be using LinkedIn messenger, or it could be through email. Give people choices and make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

And the final place is, what about at the end of every single blog post? Do you put a call to action at the foot of every blog post? Do you put, again, different ways to get in touch? Now, if you’re not, there are lots of ideas there. I guess it’s about reducing the sales friction, and E-commerce is superb at this, they’re great at upselling to us, but they’re also great at making it easy for us to interact and engage, and to buy.

So, if you’re not already doing one or two of those three things, I really encourage you to do that. So that’s call to actions, foot of emails, the bottom of every blog post, and at the bottom of every single LinkedIn pulse post that you publish.

That’s Sharon from Superfast Recruitment.

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