Five Marketing Processes You Can Automate In Your Recruitment Business

The incredibly powerful thing about marketing automation is that it can be utilised in so many areas of your business. To get you started, I am going to share five of them here.  


1. Brand Awareness

“Nobody knows about us. We need to stand out more!” 

I feel your pain. 

People won’t use your recruiting service unless they know who you are and understand how you can solve their problems.

One of the easiest ways to do this currently is by utilising social media and content marketing. 

Did you know that less than seven per cent of people are ready to buy from you now?

This is normal, by the way. All of us, no matter what we are purchasing, go through the buyer’s cycle. We go through becoming aware of our situation, and then we look out for people who can solve our problem, and we consider if what they have to offer can help us. 

One of the first places this can happen is on social media; and here is the even better news. You can automate a lot of the process to your advantage. Yes, you will need to create some initial content, and then you can use this over time. I’ll cover more about the automation tools you can use later on in this report. 

2. Lead Capture   

Once your audience becomes aware of you, the next stage is to capture their contact details so you can build an ongoing relationship with them as you ‘lead’ them through the buyer’s cycle.  

Earlier on, I shared a story about the concerned client and candidate and how their midnight surfing ended up with them downloading a report of yours.  

This process can be automated by having lead capture boxes on your website.  

Here you can offer something of value that only requires a name and an email address. Take a look on our website to see this in action on multiple places here.  

I’ll cover lead capture in more detail when we share with you how to create your first funnel.  


3. Lead Nurture

Once you have that individual’s details, you can then nurture them with an email campaign. They’ve downloaded something of value, potentially a report or white paper or the opportunity to watch a video of yours. 

After this, they’ll receive a series of emails, designed to nurture them through the buying cycle – the great news here is that the emails that you write can be used on multiple occasions for different campaigns.  

One client we work with is still using the same client and candidate report and email campaign we helped her write over three years ago. 

Ever since then, she has been using the same automated funnel because it continues to warm up both client and candidate leads for her consultants.  


4. Conversion   

It might surprise you, but marketing automation can help your conversions in many different ways, from Google software which tells you which part of your website is working well to automating a candidate or client booking a call.   

Did you know you can even combine email marketing automation with SMS texts to make sure a candidate is reminded about their interview?  

What if you have a marketing campaign where you send out the latest ‘hot’ candidate to your email list every week. Imagine loading up a series of ‘hot’ candidates into a campaign that gets sent out and everything is automated? 


5. Retention  

Though often as business owners, we have a focus on new business, what about retaining and upselling your current clients or candidates?  

In a recent article in Forbes, Fredrick Reichheld of Bain and Co, a respected market research company, shared the fascinating data that increasing customer retention rates by only 5% increases profits by 25-95%.  

I don’t know about you, but a 25% increase in profits as a starting point is something we would take any day.  

What if you created an automated campaign to clients you are working with, or candidates you have placed to remain front of mind?  

What if you used this subtlely as a way to upsell and cross-sell too? When it comes to retention, it is about being front of mind.  

These five areas continue to deliver for our Superfast Circle clients month after month. If you want to find out more about how this will work for you, book a call for a quick chat here.  


How We Can Help 

We have many clients on track for their best year ever because they implement what we teach and utilize the content and campaigns we give them. If you want a quick chat to see if we can work for you, book your call and demonstration here. 




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