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Email marketing remains one of the most profitable marketing strategies for recruitment and staffing companies across the globe. The majority of organisations are sitting on a goldmine of untapped revenue that they never use.

Email marketing allows you to keep in touch with both candidates and clients on a consistent basis. Lets face it we all read our email on a daily basis especially when it is delivered from a trusted source who adds value; that is you.

Because of the buyers cycle it is rare that ‘people’ in our case candidates and clients will ‘buy’ from us straight away. They need to be nurtured along the way so that when it comes time to change career or build a team you will be their logical choice

Email marketing has changed over the last few years and because of the wonders of the increased capability of email platforms you can automate your email campaigns in such a way that candidates and clients are nurtured automatically though the campaigns you use.

Email marketing allows you to segment your clients and candidates into different verticals based on their skills, experience to the specialist sectors where they operate.

From crafting the perfect subject line  that resonate with your customer, and valuable content that helps your audience, email is the perfect channel to drive engagement.

We can create your email campaigns for you and even tell you at what point you need to pick up the phone. 

We have been helping our clients with their candidate and client email funnels for years. 

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