Email Marketing: Your Candidate and Client Goldmine

In this post and podcast, we are continuing our series where we answer the burning questions we have been asked during the year related to how to create more demand for your recruiting service.

Today’s topic is email marketing.

Why am I a big fan, and why do people in our Superfast Circle Membership get so many email campaigns written by me that they can use?

Because it still delivers the highest ROI of any marketing strategy you can use.

I am sure many of you listening to this podcast will have been bombarded in your email with offers from multiple stores or places where you buy your food, telling you why you must get this particular ham joint or nut roast or whatever, especially over the last few weeks.

This strategy is well-known and well-versed in the B2C environment.

However, many people don’t realize that business-to-business email marketing is vital for B2B marketing.

Why? Because conversion takes more touchpoints.

High-value purchases take a lot longer for people to say yes; of course, a human being is a high-value purchase. Therefore, it can take longer for someone to decide to work with you as their recruiter.

Email marketing works well in the recruitment and search sector because it lets you be at the forefront of your candidates’ and clients’ minds.

I’m sure many of you have seen some of the content Sharon and I posted about the need to nurture and how candidate AND client relationships are important, and email marketing will help you with that.

What Email Campaigns Are The Best To Use?

What are the main email campaigns that we would recommend that you use? These are the ones that are going to make the biggest difference for you. There are four that I would suggest you start with and move towards having all of these in place in 2024.


Let me start with the easiest one, which gives amazing results. That is a re-engagement campaign with people already on your database who may not have heard from you for a while.

People come to us, saying;  Oh, yes, I’ve got 4,000 people on my database. We’ll say, How often have you been contacting them? And they will respond with; not very often.

Which is a lost opportunity.

This is a gold mine for you.

Imagine, have you got a group of either clients or candidates you have not been in contact with for some time? They’re on your database, but you’ve not had an email interaction with them. That is your first starting point. It’s called a re-engagement. Clue in the title. It’s a re-engagement campaign. Make sure that you are sending content out to re-engage. When I say re-engage, it’s not like, “Have you got any roles?” or, “Would you like to re-upload your CV?” or, “Are you interested in this job?”

I’m talking here about a campaign that checks in with people and gets them to consider having a call with you in a very different way. It’s not in a promotional way; you start by adding value.

If you were on our list, you would have received an email from me a few days ago saying, “Do you need to audit your marketing? When did you last do it?

It was a short, value-added email suggesting you click a link.

That is the style of email that you can use in a re-engagement campaign. That’s number one.

Two Nurture Campaigns: For Clients and Candidates One Each

Next year, you need two other types of campaigns for clients and candidates. These are nurture campaigns. These are where you offer something valuable, such as a report, a checklist, or something of value for your clients and candidates.

They are then on your database, and you nurture them until they are ready to buy.

You consistently send them emails that add value to their journey so that they get to know and understand you as an individual and appreciate that you are the recruiter who can help them.

These nurture campaigns are about sending regular communication out to your list consistently. It’s drip-feeding about you, how you can help them, how they can develop their career, how they can build a talent pipeline, depending on whether it’s a client or candidate.

For those of you who have been on our list for some time, every Friday, you might get one later, earlier on in the week as well, you will receive an email from us, and those emails will have a link, say, to our latest blog, our latest podcast, a snippet of information, something that’s useful for you.

Imagine doing that consistently with your candidates and clients; you would have a completely different relationship with them.

You’ve got the re-engagement campaign, a nurture campaign for clients, and a nurture campaign for candidates. Then there’s the other one that many people forget about a cold outreach campaign.

Cold Outreach Email Campaign

Who hasn’t received an email from someone you don’t know well, and you get engaged? Yes, some of you might delete them, depending on how poorly written they are. Cold outreach is the way forward, guys, particularly in 2024, when BD, particularly client BD, will be at the top of your agenda.

You need to create and implement a cold email campaign.

Within GDPR and all the regulations you need to adhere to, you can get a cold email list that you can use. It might be that you have 100 people on it, and you’re emailing them through your Outlook, whatever that might be, depending on the size of your organization.

You can implement your cold outreach strategy in multiple ways, which we cover in Superfast Circle; having a cold email outreach campaign works. You will be amazed at how well it works.

There are four campaigns for you to implement next year, which are not hard to set up.

Good Luck!


How We Can Help You in 2024

If you are a solo, micro or small SME recruitment or search company that wants to create more demand for your service in a cost-effective AND impactful way, we can help.

We have been working with our recruitment and search clients for over sixteen years, providing them with the clarity and direction they need to stand out in their sector.

To find out more, read our Superfast Circle case studies here and testimonials here, and then book a call for a chat.

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