Designing Marketing Campaigns That Work

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Today we’re talking about marketing campaigns. But before we do that, I’d like to remind you that we have a marketing checklist here. We also have a video series that will help you generate consistent leads.  

And if you want to know more about social media marketing, it’s here. These are great reports that will help you get moving with your market.  

So let’s talk about marketing campaigns. 

The Benefit of Marketing Campaigns

Many business owners make a mistake because they lose their focus and get sidetracked into doing multiple random marketing tasks that don’t produce the results they want. 

Enter campaigns as a solution to achieving what you want. 

No matter what size your recruitment and staffing company is, deciding on a campaign really gives you focus.

So today, I want to walk you through the structure of a campaign. So today and I am sharing the top-line process with you. 

I wanted to share a straightforward 9 step framework you can follow to create a marketing campaign that works. 


1. What is Your Outcome/Timeframe?

Think about: 

  • When do you want to kick it off?  
  • Is it for a particular launch?  
  • Is it an ongoing campaign?  
  • Is it a quarterly campaign?  
  • Is it a campaign for a specific role or client sector? 
  • Or you’ve landed a deal, and you have half a dozen people or a sales team to recruit and therefore, you have a certain timeframe. 

You might not know that we have different campaigns available to our Superfast Circle members; if you want to know more, get in touch with us here. 

Let’s say that you’ve decided you want additional candidates for certain roles. Or you need more candidate registrations. An idea would be to run a campaign around that. 

You know your outcome and the timeframe, so you decide to run it over the next 90 days.  


2. Who Is Your Target Market?

Let’s say you know a specific type of individual does very well in this role with certain qualifications, experience, motivations and drivers and living in a certain geography. Knowing who your target market is will help you in designing your campaign. 


3. What Problems Are You Solving? 

Let’s say your campaign is to recruit engineers. They’re underpaid and unhappy; they want more flexibility in the role, and they want to work a four-day week. You can probably help with those issues, particularly if you have clients who are a perfect fit for the individual with these questions and challenges. 

What solutions will you discuss during your campaign as you pull these people in to register with you 


4. What Worked in the Past? 

We have a particular campaign we wrote for our clients, and it works time and time again. We get our members to run it three or four times a year, and it always works. It’s the same copy, the same structure, the same media. 

Think about what’s worked in the past, and could you repeat that?  


5. Create Your Messages and Your Collateral

That might be the emails you use, or it might be social media updates with content where you’re highlighting messages. Maybe it’s mini videos. Consider what messages and collateral you will need. It might be a report that helps them and kicks off the campaign.  

This year, we worked with somebody who had many vacancies to fill for a client’s specific project. They ran a webinar and a masterclass around it.  

Could you do that; And what will it need to work well?  

What will make the difference, because let’s say you want to increase the number of candidates registering; you might want to record a face to camera video about the benefits of registering.  

It is important here to decide what media and channels you will use. 

I would always suggest using multimedia and multi-channels. So think about the channels you want to use; depending on your market, it might be that you want to use LinkedIn only as your social media channel. 

I would strongly suggest using Facebook because you never know where your candidates are. 3.5 billion people have a Facebook account, so please don’t ignore that one. Maybe it’s Instagram or TikTok. You also have email, your blog, or messages through messenger or WhatsApp that you can use.  

You could record a video, or maybe you have a report. Think about what you need. That’s the great thing about campaigns – you test and measure. If it works, use it again.  


6. Add a Call to Action

Remember always to add a call to action. There is no free lunch. Make sure that you tell people the next step. That can be to call a number, click a link, upload their CV, or visit a page on your website. 

Seth Godin, the famous marketer, said, “People are desperate to be led” so make sure you let potential new clients know what to do next. 


7. The Secret Sauce: Your Phone

Yes, we are in the middle of a digital revolution. 

Over the last couple of years, people have had to leverage online, even more so in the recruitment sector, which historically has been very sales-led, very phone-led. You need to include the phone in your campaign because, while it’s great you have this digital campaign, you have to reach out to people.  

You have to build in phone calls because, as people open your emails, watch things on social media, or respond to your messages, they need a phone conversation.  

Let’s say you want to build a database of senior leaders for potential roles as candidates, or this is a client campaign; you might want to use some form of direct mail.  


8. Measure and Track 

You might be surprised at the positive results you get from running campaigns that are thought through in the way we have outlined. One of our members maps out all of her campaigns on a Google Sheet, and she has different ones for the different types of candidates she wants to attract; and she includes all her numbers there, which is amazing. 

She knows how many people registered for the webinar, how many people opened the emails, how many dialled in, and how many placements they made.  

She has that data there to measure. That data also helps inform her of what other campaigns she needs to do. If a campaign falls flat, and sometimes they do, you can see which bit broke and what you need to do differently. 

Sometimes, a campaign may not be working as you want. You need to analyse it. That’s why it’s important to measure, track, and analyse everything.  


How We Can Help  

As a Superfast Circle member, you get access to multiple campaigns you can use every month. 

Book your call and demonstration here if you want a quick chat to see how Superfast Circle can work for you too. 



P.S. If you want to join Superfast Circle and would like to find out more, speak to us here. 

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