Creating Your Content Machine Training For Recruitment and Search Owners

Creating content and using it consistently is one of the key drivers of generating both client AND candidate leads for your recruitment business in today’s marketplace.

Today, we have a special podcast where we share one of our trainings.

If you are an experienced recruiter and know you can help your candidates and clients, becoming front of mind will be critical for your success.

People can’t work with you if they don’t know who you are.

The days of relying on referrals only are long gone; the pandemic saw to that. In the current up-and-down market, you need multiple ways to access your market and convince them that you are the recruitment or search form to work with.

Content is a critical vehicle to do that, so we are giving you access to this training recording as a podcast.

What This Content Training Covers

On day three of our Recruitment Marketing Week free training, we cover creating your content machine, where we share the key elements of your system.

  • We explain how content impacts the buyer’s and customer’s life cycle process to your benefit.
  • The four content guidelines to follow.
  • The three content themes to base all of your content around with examples of each
  • The content options and resources available for every budget on the market





P.S. If you would like access to the video recording, drop me an email

How We Can Help

As a member of Superfast Circle, we provide the content resources you need as part of your membership, along with the strategy of where and how to use it from your personal marketing directors. This includes reports, email and messenger campaigns, scripts, blogs, and social media.

To learn more about the results this delivers for our clients, check out our case studies here.

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