Convincing New Clients

If you are looking for new clients right now and you haven’t taken the time over the recent months to do a wholescale review of your marketing; of how you’re communicating with the prospective clients that you are looking for, then I suggest now is the time to do that. And today I want to talk about why.

Let me share a short story with you about a client of ours.

When Is It Time to Source New Clients?

Now, this is a couple who have got their children off at university and college and having had a business that they built around their family, now they are absolutely ready to scale.

The reality though is that they realise that they’d been fishing in the same pond for quite a few years. And so the realisation is that they need to go out to a much, much bigger pond. Yes, of course, like many of you right now, they need new clients.

And so what they are doing is they’re taking this opportunity to review everything: reviewing their offers, their service, the level of service that they are giving clients, their messaging, their marketing materials.

It’s just amazing the level of effort and energy they’re putting into this. And I think it’s a fantastic thing that they’re doing.

If it’s something that you haven’t taken the opportunity to do, this is why.

Because the reality is that, when we think about our existing clients – we’ve got strong relationships with these clients – and when things don’t always work out how we want them to, clients can be awfully forgiving.

So how we communicate with them is in one particular way, because they know us, they know our service, they’re familiar.

Defining Your Message

However, when we’re going out to attract new clients, they don’t know us from Adam, do they?

They are really looking to understand – why is your recruitment company different from somebody else?

Because unfortunately, there is a perception in the market that all recruitment companies are very much the same.

And you and I both know that is so not true.

Communicating Your Message

It is important for you to really think about how you are communicating, what messages are you using to convince these prospects in your markets, that the kind of service that you offer is an ideal solution for where they are at right now and the business issues and challenges that they are facing?

But you need to communicate that in a certain way, so that it’s obvious, that you stand out, and it makes it a very easy decision for your prospect to suddenly become a new client.

So let me say, if you haven’t used the time over the recent months to do that wholescale review, then now is a great time to be doing that as we move into the latter part of the year, and you’re looking to plan for next year, as well.


So remember, how you message to a prospective client is very, very different to how you are to your existing audience, so make sure you’re getting it right.

Are you looking to grow and scale your recruitment company in 2021?

For more articles and advice to help you start to identify the right clients, and bring them over the line, head to our blog here.

That’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment.

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