Cold Emails That Give A 580% ROI



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Cold Emails That Give A 580% ROI





There are multiple ways to market your recruitment organisation and a key channel that continues to deliver is email marketing to a cold database. Yes you read that correctly.

While it is a great idea to build your own database in return for something of value, don’t discount how valuable ‘cold’ emailing can be; provided you do it well.

On numerous occasions clients of ours have purchased a B2B database and had an ROI in six figures. One particular client bought a list for less than £600 and to date can track over £300k in direct business.

Another client bought a small list of HR people and landed a client that generated over £20k within two months and has since returned over six figures.

I’m making a point here that I hope is landing?

Email marketing works, it’s a recognised way to contact a fellow B2B professional. In the UK the current laws around emailing state that we can send unsolicited emails business to business proved that we provide an unsubscribe link somewhere in the email.


The Upside of Cold Emailing




The simple truth is that emailing is a recognised form of B2B marketing. In today’s online world we are permanently attached to our smartphones and if any of us receives an email that resonates with us it’s likely to get opened.

An interesting statistic is that nearly 60% of companies that engage in email marketing find it effective. This is even more exciting as most people are ‘doing’ it wrong especially when it comes to ‘cold’ emailing.

Send an email campaign (note- not a blast) to a targeted group consistently and then having a follow up process will guarantee a return on your investment. You just have to know how to work it.

Think it through; its one of the most cost effective way to connect with your audience and build your brand presence.

How To Make Cold Emailing work


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Make sure the individuals you target, be that clients or candidates are your ideal avatar (we have talked about this in the past). That way the words and phrases you use will hit the spot.



I am sure we have all had emails from Rohan in Mumba offering us SEO services.

“Greetings of the day! I am Rohan……………….

Now Rohan is doing his job and that is sending out copy and paste emails. No connection or understanding what my pain is that he could connect with to make me even consider responding.

I am sure you have experienced these emails too or is it just me?

Instead some initial research about your target connection and what their challenges are could completely turn around what response you get.


Use Headings to your Advantage


I know that I am a copywriter so I do have an advantage. However it’s easy to be taught how to write in a way that connects with people.

The easiest thing to do is use a headline that asks a question about something that is of value to the individual.

  • Or is short and to the point
  • Or uses an element of curiosity with a perceived benefit

As an example we ran one campaign a few years ago when we were testing offering website development as part of our offer.

The simple headline was.

Hi John, is your website attracting candidates and clients?

We sent it to 23 companies only. It was short and to the point and we had two spontaneous emails. One of whom still works with us to this very day.

This was a cold list of emails. We weren’t connected on LinkedIn either. It worked because we followed up.




A magic formula that consistently works when it comes to communication is known as PASA.

This involves taking about your client’s pain points, agitating the problem a little, in other words the impact of not solving the problem.

Then providing a solution and an option to take some action. Why does this work? Well you demonstrate to your reader that you understand their problem. You also use the pain and pleasure principle.

In life we are ‘motivated’ to take action to either avoid pain or gain pleasure. The truth is that we are more motivated to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.


Don’t Stop At One


My pet peeve is that many people give up too soon. One email isn’t going to do the job. Remember the points of contact theory and how many of us need at least 7 ‘touch’ points before we are warmed up enough to make a decision?

That is what you need to build into your plan. It’s likely that the person you are emailing might not have seen your email; it does happen. Or that you need to give your message in a slightly different way to hit the spot. Having a campaign will solve the issue.


Use A Good List


You might have your own list of contacts or you have decided to purchase a list from a broker. If the later is the case ask for a sample and check it out. Depending on the quality and quantity expect to pay mid to high hundreds.There are many list brokers to choose from, hit Google or ask a friend.


Take Action


The key thing now is ……..take action.

  • Look at your marketing plan
  • Where are the gaps?
  • What is your offer?
  • Create a campaign
  • Purchase a list

Email marketing is a key module on our Dominate Your Sector Programme. We are teaching exactly how to copy what we do for clients and we are providing copy and paste templates that you can use. This time around you will get a place on our marketing residential FOC as a bonus. Interested ? Call us now on 01539 898698 as we can squeeze one more person onto our course that starts in 10 days time.



As an ambitious recruitment organisation, THE marketing strategy to master is email marketing. It will consistently deliver both candidates and clients.

In a special complimentary training Webinar,  we give you the template for writing emails we use for our clients and the exact 4 campaigns that are working now.
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