Campaigns Broadcasts And GDPR


I do not know if it is me and I have probably received twenty different emails over the last few days asking me to confirm if I want to ‘stay’ on someone’s list.

Shout out to Justin Brooke a well-known ad skills guy for the best email so far 😊 If you didn’t want to stay on his list all you had to do was click a link to a Youtube video that sang goodbye to you.

The flurry of emails is a testament to the lovely GDPR and PECR scenario we all find ourselves in.

Don’t worry this is not going to be yet another blog post that contradicts the ten others you have read about what you ‘should’ do when it comes to holding data.

Truth be told the principle is great however in practice it could prove a challenge. The good news is smart marketing will put you ahead of the curve as you add goodwill and value to your candidates, and clients, so they continue to stay on your database open your emails and eventually work with you.

Campaigns Broadcasts and Emails

A question for you are you running email campaigns or sending broadcasts or random emails? There is a distinction, and each can serve a different purpose.

The question came up in our Superfast circle call this week. One of the members wanted to measure the effectiveness of various emails and had a question about follow up.

This led us to discuss the buyer’s cycle.

Smart marketers appreciate that not everyone is ready to buy straight away. They might need more information, or their pain is not at a level where they need to take action….. NOW!

This is particularly relevant in the B2B sector where the transactional value is much higher, and awareness and value need to be built.

Enter email marketing and automation.

This is a podcast you are listening to, and possibly you are now reading the transcript.  Earlier on during this podcast, I suggested you came to the website and downloaded a report or perhaps sign up for a webinar…. each of these will get you into a specific campaign…


We often find that people confuse sending a few emails with a campaign. A campaign has an end goal and is there to provide a solution.

As I record this podcast, we have a campaign that is centred around inbound lead generation. It is over on the right hand side for you.

This campaign takes people through awareness of what their issue might be, and then we provide value and offer a free consultation. As individuals go through this ‘campaign’, we can see how engaged they are and according to our criteria, we will give them a call.

These campaigns mean that our subscribers are warmed up to us already which increases our ability to convert.

Everyone needs to have at least one candidate and client campaign. This is where automation is gold because this is chugging away for you all the time.


A broadcast is different to a campaign. Let’s get real… not everyone who downloads a PDF or signs up for a webinar is ready to buy that is normal.

So, after people go through a campaign of ours (you can do this too), they will receive a weekly broadcast email. They are not ready to buy yet, and they might be as we add value.

Generally, our broadcast emails are content rich and low on pitch.

Campaigns and Broadcasts Build Value

As marketing heats up in the recruitment sector and GDPR bites the recruiters that embrace value add marketing will create their engaged tribes…. will you?

What Next?

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