How To Make The Most Out Of A Growing Recruitment Market


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Here’s some great news. In a recent recruitment industry trend survey they predicted an accelerated growth rate for the recruitment sector over the next three years. Now here’s the thing – how can you make sure that your recruitment company makes the most of that opportunity? Hi! This is Sharon Newey from Super Fast Recruitment with a recruitment marketing update.


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Now what a great opportunity that this increase forecast is going to bring for you and your recruitment business. But the key thing is, obviously that opportunity is the same for everybody else. So how do you make sure that you’re geared up to capitalise on that opportunity? So all your potential clients and your existing clients, they’re going to  have increased choice because that’s the reality. You want to make sure that when they go on the internet and they’re looking for a recruitment company, it is your company that they find.


1. Be found on Google


So the first thing that you must do is make sure that your website is found on Google. Make sure that every single page is optimised because Google can find pages not just websites and it ranks pages not just websites.


2. Responsive recruitment websites


The second thing about your website is, if it’s not a responsive website you might want to think about making it a mobile responsive recruitment website. I was just looking at some data literally today for a client and 25% of their website traffic is being viewed from a mobile device and that is just going to grow and grow.


3. Be active on social media


The third thing is to ensure that you are active on social media. Now I don’t mean social media in terms of just using it as another job board. I think I’ve mentioned this past before. It’s really important that you use social media to engage with people. So what you’re looking for is you’re wanting potential clients or candidates to actually be viewing your profile and inviting you to connect. So it’s not all about you going out and doing those invitations.


4. Speak to your market


Now the fourth thing that you want to ensure is that when people do you land on your website, when they are reading your blog, when looking at your content on social media that that content, is it speaks into them and what they are looking for, what their problems are and how you can help them. If people land on a website, look at any content and it’s of no value to them, they’re gonna click off and go somewhere else and that could be one of your competitors. So really think about the kind of content that you have on your website and make sure it really speaks into your particular sector.


So four key things – think about making sure your website is found; making sure it has the right kind of content; maybe make it mobile if it’s not; and also make sure that you are very active on social media and you’re not using it as a job board. So good luck with making the most of this opportunity and I’ll speak to you soon!





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Click To Tweet: [inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]Making sure your website is found, that it has the right kind of content, make it mobile if it’s not, and make sure you are active on social media and you’re not using it as a job board. – Sharon Newey[/inlinetweet]


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