A Back To School Lead Generation Strategy For Recruiters


Hi, it’s Sharon from Super Fast Recruitment, and today I want to talk to you about a strategy that is a quick win for you, and it’s a perfect time of year to implement this really simple marketing strategy

And it came to mind because over the last few days; we have been developing the monthly template that we create and provide every month for our Super Fast Circle members.

When I was heading to the office this morning, I was jumping in the car and our neighbour’s daughter came out all geared up in her new school uniform and I had a quick chat and discovered that it’s Lucy’s last first day at school, so she’s just started in the upper sixth and so, it’s big A level year this year.

Now, of course, as I set out than to work, I started passing more and more children in their new school uniforms and realise it’s clearly the first day back at school in our village and community and for many people it will be their first day back at work or it will be the early weeks back to work after the summer holidays.

For some people, that is a fantastic time of year because it’s the last four months of the year, a great time of focus towards achieving everything that they want to achieve and for some people it is not!!

It is not where they want to be, and they’ve decided over the summer break that now is the time to move and for you as a recruitment company, this is a superb opportunity for a referral campaign.

Let me explain why…

So, if you haven’t run a referral incentive before, now is a super time to think about running a competition, you might decide to implement an ongoing referral campaign and if you have got a referral campaign in place, just ask yourself, how proactive are you with that campaign?

Maybe you yourself have got friends that you’ve been meeting up with and having dinner with recently who have been moaning about not quite sure, is now the time to move or not? Shall I hang on a little bit longer?

There are other people out there in your sectors having the same conversations and looking for new opportunities and now is the time to capitalise on that.

A referral is a super strategy to use for easy almost automated wins.

So, ask yourselves what incentive can you put in place and how quickly can you get that going to capitalise on this opportunity today? That’s Sharon Newey from Super Fast Recruitment.


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