3 Ways To Use Storytelling In Recruitment Marketing


Today I want to talk about storytelling in recruitment marketing and how you can use storytelling in your recruitment business to impact your profits.

Recently we were creating a monthly template for Superfast  Circle members, and it was a sales pitch presentation, framework, and structure, and part of that included using storytelling, and it just got me thinking about other places in marketing your recruitment business that storytelling is underutilised.

Storytelling Works

Now, it is a prevalent strategy right now, and you will notice it being used across all different kinds of TV adverts, so it is no longer just saved for the John Lewis Christmas ad. So, where can you use this strategy?

1. Your Sales Presentations

The first thing, of course, is in a sales presentation when you are doing a pitch. Now, I think often people will wait till the end to share a case study because we know we need to use social proof and a case study is a fantastic way to do that, but how about using story to sell your service, rather than talking about your service? So, that means that you can use story much earlier in your sales presentation.

2. Your Website Content And Blogs

The second place, of course, is in all the content that you are creating for your blog. Now, whether you are creating it for yourself, or you are asking an outsourcing company to do that, make sure you are asking them to use story within the body of that article. Now, I think the reason why it’s so powerful is because whenever we’re listening to story, we create our own meaning about how that story relates to us and our current situation. So whenever you’re using story across all the different kinds of content that you’re creating, people are connecting with that content in a real specific way.

3. Email Marketing For Both Candidates and Clients

Now, the third place is, of course, email marketing. Why not use it there?

We often use email marketing to promote our service, and to talk about the quality of the service that you offer, and the different ways that you go about working with clients and candidates. Well, rather than going through bullet points of what your service is, why not use story to communicate the kind of service that you have, or what’s involved in that service?

So, storytelling, it is powerful and impactful, it has been used through many, many thousands of generations; use it now.
So, that is three simple ways you can build storytelling into your marketing of your recruit business.

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