3 Mindset Shifts For Recruitment Owners and Their Marketers

Episode #179 3 Mindset Shifts For Recruitment Owners and Their Marketers

Not every day goes to plan, especially when a lack of concentration results in the unexpected happening; A sensible woman putting diesel in her petrol car!

What you will discover
  • 3 easy mindset shifts that alwas make a difference to results
  • Why black and white thinking is a good idea
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Great Car Recovery!  Greenflag

Hi everyone, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and today I want to talk to you about one of the absolute foundations for success in any walk of life, and that’s our mindset.


Now, I want to share with you three vital mindset habits to focus on, and some of them are going to be obvious and straightforward, and yet it’s incredibly easy to forget about them.

I am here on a country lane waiting for a recovery vehicle. I couldn’t have broken down in a more gorgeous setting on a more fabulous day, and so I’ve got 45 minutes while I’m waiting for the lovely recovery person to arrive and help me out.

Shout out to Green flag and their fantastic service too.


Today I have a long to-do list, and I was thinking, what can I now do and tick off this list?  Now, focus then, is one of the key, essential habits. So, I thought, well hey, recording a video is on my list, and my phone is with me, so get on with it.

I jotted down the key points I wanted to share, and here I am making the most of my 45 minutes. This then begs the question, do you arrive at your desk in the morning knowing exactly what you need to do, or do you arrive at your desk, check email, then maybe write out a to-do list?

Key, key habit of focus. Start your day knowing exactly what it is you want to achieve.


Which leads me onto habit number two, and that is; if we don’t know what to do, it usually means that we haven’t got specific enough objectives.

So, make sure that you have detailed specific objectives, by month, by week, by day to help you achieve what it is you want.

Black and White

And the third mindset habit I want to share today I call black and white thinking.

What I mean by this is be clear about is this a yes or is this a no? Is this going to work in my business, is this not going to work? Will this help me move forward, or will it move me away from what it is I’m wanting to achieve?

Because when we are uncertain, which puts us in that grey area, then we tend not to move into action. We move into action when we’re focused and we’re clear. So, start thinking in black and white.


So, there you have it; focus, objectives, and think black and white. That’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment have a fantastic day. Bye for now.

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