3 Critical Benefits of Marketing Automation For Your Recruitment Company

Automating your marketing will make you more money: period.  

It saves you both time and resource. Finally, SME businesses can compete thanks to A.I. and the amazing tech stacks we can all buy at a fraction of the cost they were only a few short years ago. 

So here are three critical benefits you will receive when you automate your marketing. 


1. Marketing Automation Allows You to Compete  

Marketing is a huge leverage point for any business. And now we have the capability and technology to automate many parts of the marketing process. So where do you start and what should you consider?  

There’s a myth that marketing automation is only about lead generation; it’s not.  

We are going to share with you five key marketing processes where you can start building in automation.  

As S.M.E. businesses, we have access to technology and software that allows us to reach out to bigger and broader audiences of potential clients and candidates. 

 It allows us to engage in a way that we haven’t been able to do before so that we can compete with companies of any size, whether that’s locally, nationally, or across the globe.  

 When people phone us up and say, “Can we talk to you about marketing and automation? I want to look at marketing automation in my business”, one of the key things they want to do is save time. 

 Yes, absolutely, it will save time. 

 However, you have to be prepared to put the hard work in upfront to get the benefits you want further down the line. 

 You will improve and increase your conversion with automation. Michael Gerber, who wrote The E Myth for S.M.E.s, talks about organising around systems if you plan to scale. 

 To scale: get your systems in place and let the people run the systems. 

 One thing I admire about the recruitment industry is that business owners are so good at implementing systems that allow you and your teams to match the right candidate with the right company and the right job. 

 Now it is about mapping over that skill to mastering marketing automation. 


2. Marketing Working for You 24/7  

Marketing automation can ensure your brand, and your business is potential clients, existing clients, future candidates, and current twenty-four hours a day – every day of the year. 

 Here is how it can play out. 

 Imagine the scenario: somebody leaves the office at half six at night frustrated after a long busy day because one of their star employees resigned, and it’s a pivotal role, which needs to be filled fast. 

 They go home. They have some family time. They go to bed. They can’t sleep. They get up at two o’clock, and they’re racking their brains about how they are going to fill that role, and they jump on Google. 

 Or there could be a candidate who has just been made redundant or one who is frustrated at not progressing because everything that’s happened this year has slowed down their career plan. They can’t sleep, so they’re up, and they’re on Google too! 

They find your website, they read an article, or watch a video, and then they download your latest report; it’s 3 am, and they are now considering what their next steps should be.  

Now they are on your email list in an automated campaign as you nurture them through a client or candidate journey. 

Automation is allowing you to engage with these individuals, who are now connecting with your brand, and what you might do for them. 

They are receiving your emails, and because of the power of A.I., they might be seeing your adverts on Google or Facebook, and they see your updates on social media too. 

 Perhaps something in your system now generates a letter in the mail. 

Your recruitment consultants go into your CRM, and NOW they have a warm list of clients and candidates to get in contact with.  

 Fact: you can have your marketing working like this for your business all the time, every single day.  

 Let’s come back to saving time, because when you automate activities like posting on social media or sending ‘keep in touch’ emails, not only can you save time by scheduling all your posting, suddenly everything becomes consistent. I’ll explore the relevance of this in a minute. 


3. How Marketing Automation Helps You Maintain Consistency 

Marketing automation allows consistency to build. 

 Over twenty-five years ago, Professor Robert Cialdini published his ground-breaking work on the psychology surrounding influence and persuasion. 

 We translated how this plays out in the recruitment sector in a blog I wrote here. 

 If we think about Dr Cialdini’s work and the principles of influencing, consistency is one of six critical influencers. 

 All good? However, maintaining marketing consistency is a challenge for all S.M.E. business owners – us included. 

You set out with all the best intentions; you start implementing a certain strategy. Then you get side-tracked because different parts of the business require your attention. 

A marketing campaign you have been running lands, and suddenly you have six roles to fill with a tight deadline and the consultant who normally works that desk has broken their leg and is off work sick. 

 Your immediate focus is now somewhere else. 

 The good news is if you have automated marketing campaigns already running in the background, everything is still moving forward for you, and you consistently continue to be in front of your recruiting sector. 

 This is just one of the upsides of automated marketing. When people get in touch with us to talk about different aspects of marketing their recruitment company, they will often say, “I’ve come to you today because of what you’re doing. I have been opening your emails, I see you on social media, I am in your Facebook Marketing Group, and now I am on the phone with you. I want to be able to do that with my audience.” 

 If we had only sent a couple of emails, or posted on LinkedIn once a week, our marketing would not have been consistent enough to register in the awareness of this potential new client.  

 Of course, it takes work… though here is the thing.  

 The emails this person was referring to were written over a year ago, so was the social media. Many of the posts in the Facebook group were created months ago ahead of time, and the automation software we use is delivering them at regular intervals.  

 The good news is all of this is possible for you too.  


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