10 Sure-Fire Signs You Need a Marketer

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People that inquire about Superfast Circle often ask us, “Do you think I need a marketer? Would a marketer help me? What are your thoughts on it? When should I recruit a marketer?”. I wanted to share some questions that we are asked and relate that to where people are in their marketing journey. I will give you different examples of some of the rationale behind recruiting a marketer.

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Let’s talk about these ten sure-fire signs that you need to recruit a marketer (with a caveat). Even if it’s part-time, start. We have some marketers in the Circle working part-time, and they’re doing an amazing job. It was a toe in the water for the clients in question. Some have moved one of their consultants or admin team into a marketer’s role.

1.     You Know You Need Help

You know. You know your plans, and your gut tells you that you need to get somebody in to do this. You see how marketing works in the world, and you see yourself being the sort of person who responds to marketing messages.

2.     You Have Ambitious Goals

If you have ambitious goals, you will not do it alone. We recently mapped out their marketing plans on a call with some of our Superfast Circle members and showed them some of our plans.

Marketing is about creating demand. That is vital. Depending on the size of your goal, you will put more effort into it, whether that is more consultants or a marketer, but you will need support because you need to create more demand for your service. We have members of Superfast Circle that have just two or three people in their team, and they have a marketer who is paying for themselves ten times over. So think about your goal; if you have an ambitious goal, you will need some support to create demand.

3.     Creating Demand

Whether it’s clients, candidates or talent you want to attract, it’s all about creating demand. Many of you are probably talking to your clients, telling them they need to sort their employer brand out because not every candidate will want to work with them if they’re not doing remote working, and the story goes on. And the same applies here. If you’re going to create more demand for both clients and candidates, specific marketing campaigns will do that.

How are you going to nurture candidates? And how do you do that nurturing process when there may only be you and another biller in the company, or maybe there’s two or three of you, but it’s all a bit random, and it doesn’t work out. If you want to create a honed process to attract candidates and clients, a marketer can help you.

4.     Fear of Missing Out

I’m talking about FOMO. We can all have it at times, can’t we? If you are aware that:

  • your biggest competitor is using marketing or
  • people you’ve never heard of are suddenly appearing or
  • a candidate that you are talking to is working with another recruitment company they found on Facebook,
  • or your clients are saying, “Oh, I’m working with such-and-such a body. I saw one of their ads,” or, “I saw them on Facebook,” or, “I saw them on LinkedIn”.

If that sort of thing is happening, you’re not going to be able to solve that by working harder; you need to work smarter. You may need to consider getting a marketer. I know as recruiters, you’re always keen to look at what your competitors are doing, and if it’s shouting out to you, “Hey, they’re doing slightly different things, I think we need some support to do this.”

5.     Are You Building a Team?

If you have an extra two or three billers in your team, what are you doing to help them stand out in the market?

We got a really interesting podcast from Rhys. He’s an angel investor for various recruitment companies and a big marketing advocate. Often, he says, “Do you need a new consultant, or do you need a marketer?” He tells some really good stories in that podcast, so it’s well worth you going and checking that one out.

The phone is not dead, but it’s not as useful as it used to be. You need some form of brand presence in the market, which a marketer can help you with.

6.     Your Consultants Are Not Marketers

Remember that your consultants are not marketers; they have their day job. They may think they know and understand marketing and can send random things out. You need a cohesive approach that a marketer can provide. You only once need someone to send something out completely off-brand and off-message to make an impact on your clients and candidates.

7.     Having In-House Expertise

Sometimes people outsource their marketing. That can potentially be a lot more expensive than you realise. It would be best to give people a tight brief and explain your goals and what you’re looking to achieve.

If they don’t know the recruitment sector, you will need to spend more time supporting them and helping them. If you have a staff marketer, they will have created various campaigns. They’d probably be able to copy and paste a campaign. Whereas if it’s outsourced to somebody else, the turnaround time could be two or three days. As we all know, in recruitment it’s fastest finger first and much easier to achieve if you have a marketer on your team.

8.     If Things Go Wrong

People get very excited about marketing. They look at something on the T.V. and think, “Yes, we can do that.” You have to remember a team probably delivers them of marketers in an organisation with a huge budget, or it may be that they have planned this marketing campaign out for months in advance. They know the messaging, the ideal client avatar, what they need to be doing next, and the value proposition.

If any of those words are a bit vague for you, that’s a sure-fire sign that you do need a marketer. Then they think, “This isn’t quite working,” or, “I sent an email, and nothing happened,” not realising that an email is one part of the process, and they need to send multiple emails.

9.     You Feel Disorganised

If your experience is that you’ve tried marketing and it hasn’t worked, or you feel it’s all discombobulated and disorganised and it all needs putting together, that is where a marketer can take the weight off your shoulders. They can map out the plan so that you know that things are happening consistently each month which helps to build your brand. If it feels mixed up and you’re not quite getting the results you want, that’s normally a sign that you need a marketer.

10. You Are Time Poor

We get people that when they join Superfast Circle, they get excited to see the results. Or they are two or three people, and they’re doing marketing between them, and they think, “Do you know what? We need a marketer here. I’m so excited. I’m getting results, but I’m running out of time.” We were chatting to Olly, one of our clients, who said, “Do you know what, I’m just so busy. I’ve been implementing everything you’ve been saying, and I haven’t got time to do all the other things.” If that is you, again, think about having somebody. You know that marketing works. You’re excited about what it can do for your business. Maybe you have someone you can share the expense of a marketer with. Or perhaps you can go online and find someone who can work three days specifically on your business, which would help you.

Marketing can make a massive difference to organisations. We see it all the time, and we see it when people are starting to get results. If you are ambitious and want to grow, a marketer will pay for themselves ten times.

When you join Superfast Circle, we put an arm around your marketers’ shoulders, and we support them all the way; they’re in the community. We even have a Marketers’ Mentoring Call every month, so they get support from us, and we’re helping to guide them.

If you have a new marketer starting who doesn’t know recruitment, they can learn with us as they’re going through the process. So they’re learning from you about recruitment, and they’re learning from us about recruitment marketing.

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