I originally wrote this post some time ago after visiting a good friend of mine who taught me how to sell many years ago. Sadly he has passed on, and I miss him dearly.

It’s relevant today as the way we connect and contact our leads and prospects is changing.


Did you know that almost 90% of phone calls go unanswered? Yet approaching 90% of text messages are looked at almost immediately. This is from data shared by AT and T in the US.

It’s similar in the UK too.

Therefore, it’s important to learn how to write persuasively, or you will miss out on a lot of placements.

As you read down this post, you will find a link to download a free report from an exceptional guy on the power of advertising.


Online marketing is great, isn’t it? Especially if you are a recruitment organisation. So much easier to find and identify candidates. Quick, cost effective and it works… well most of the time. As long as you are doing one thing? The same thing that you ‘should’ be doing in all your other recruitment marketing streams.

That is selling.

Let me share a story.

Last year I had lunch with two friends and someone who in my world is a legend. This person is responsible for putting me on the track that has kept my bank account full ( well most of the time) for the past 32 years!

He was my first sales manager.

He taught me the value of selling and a set of influencing skills that have served me well over many years. The truth is that having an appreciation of the value of selling has set the context for many adventures in my life not least of which was starting my own business in 2006. So how about a definition of selling? There are many online. Here is one I think recruiters can appreciate.


 Being of service to our clients and candidates


Of course, you have to build a relationship and a ‘tribe’ of people that believe in you and what you can do for them. The challenge is many people don’t realise you need to have a consistent selling theme in all that you do.


Talking to clients and candidates, something that fits and is relevant on your website and in anything you create in print. Selling and connecting when you are next to someone is one thing. Selling in print needs more thought. Would you like a definitive guide for nothing?

Here it is. It’s a masterpiece, read it as many times as you can. It is the original book by Claude Hopkins. It is in the public Domain and I have got a link here so you can download it. The language on first sight might appear old-fashioned. Once you are past that you will appreciate the amazing insights this guy share.


Click this link to download.


Enjoy! This could change your results forever.


As an ambitious recruitment organisation, THE marketing strategy to master is email marketing. It will consistently deliver both candidates and clients.

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About the Author:

Denise Oyston
Denise Oyston is the CEO of Super Fast Recruitment, who specialise in helping recruitment and staffing organisations globally to attract candidates, clients and talent, through their online training programmes and service delivery. Denise has 27 years’ experience in sales and marketing and is a ghost writer for many well-known names in the recruitment sector and with her business partner, Sharon Newey, is the creator of Dominate Your Sector. This is the premier marketing training programme for business owners and their marketers.